Ever since its beginning Mixed Martial Arts has improved in the public’s eye and became more acceptable year after year. But not everybody has a good grip on what is competition and what is brutality. The majority of people who criticize the sport know close to nothing about it and MMAs success is starting to silence critics worldwide. That’s why stories like these upset me the most.

On Thursday MMA fighter Jason Sindelar, was officially charged for the death of 26-year-old DeMario Reynolds. According to the police report the incident happened at the Luxor hotel-casino in June.  Sindelar was drunk and was fighting with his girlfriend when Reynolds tried to break it up. Sindelar then went into a drunken rage and allegedly attacked Reynolds. Police records state that Reynolds tried to tell Sindelar he did not want to fight but Sindelar still proceeded to attack.

Sindelar started his MMA career in 2007. He lived in Gillette Wyoming and trained at the local MMA facility.

Things like these give MMA the wrong image and this clearly is a case of personal choice, I feel like it represents this amazing sport in a terrible way. Unfortunately things like these slow the progression of this sport.


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