Luke Rockhold will be making his light heavyweight debut this weekend (Sat. June 6, 2019) at UFC 239 on pay-per-view (PPV).

Rockhold takes on Jan Blackowicz in his debut at 205 pounds. The Californian recently took part in an interview with ESPN and was asked if he has his sights set on an eventual meeting with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones:

“Hey, why else am I here?,” Rockhold asked. “I’m not here to just dance around, I’m not here to just exist and take fights. I’m not going to do that. If I can’t compete at the top I’m not going to be here. And I know I can, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Despite having aspirations to share the Octagon with “Bones,” Rockhold remains fully focused on Blachowicz, as Jones has his own problems to worry about with Thiago Santos in front of him:

“Oh, I’m thinking about Jan,” Rockhold said. “I’m thinking about what’s in front of me. I’m going to handle my business. Jon is an afterthought. Jons got his work to do, I got my work to do. We’ll have a little dance later on.”

When asked for his opinion on Jones, Rockhold said his thoughts on the light heavyweight champ are already out there. He called “Bones” fake and feels the Jackson-Wink product comes across like he’s acting:

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“I don’t think much about Jon that’s already been – it’s pretty out there,” Rockhold said. “Everyone knows what Jon is. I think he’s fake. I think Jon comes across like he’s just acting. Just be real about it. I know what Jon is. He just can’t be that Jon.”

If and when he does share the Octagon with Jones, Rockhold doesn’t see any specific area where he’s out-gunned. Rockhold feels nobody can keep up with him on the ground, as his jiu-jitsu is some of the best in the promotion, and also vows to bring the fire to Jones on the feet:

“Jon is tough, he’s tactical,” Rockhold said. “I wouldn’t be here if I – I like to fight. He’s not one of those, like, over intimidating guys. What is he going to do? Where is he doing to take me? He’s going to take me to the ground and put me where? He’s gonna just pick and pop his shots on the feet?

“I’m gonna bring the power to him on the feet. Trust me, I’m a different guy at light heavyweight. On the ground – bottom, top, wherever I go, I’m gonna succeed and I’m going to dominate. There’s nobody that can f*ck with me on the ground. Nobody.”

Jones is one of the most dominant forces the sport has ever seen. He has established himself as an unstoppable champion and physical specimen whose only loss on his record came via controversial disqualification. To be able to put a stop to that dominance would be a huge notch in anyone’s belt, which is exactly what Rockhold has in mind.

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However, to be able to do it against Jones, who Rockhold feels has made a mockery of the sport with his out of Octagon shenanigans, would be so much sweeter:

“He’s Jon Jones man,” Rockhold said. “He’s been on top, for better or worse, somehow still succeeds. People turned a blind eye, and they just allowed Jon to be Jon, and do what he does to stay on top. It’s for the betterment of the sport, to beat Jon Jones, to beat the guy that’s been there forever.

“There’s a lot of dark clouds over Jon, and I’m a fan of a real sport, a true sport, and it’s sad to see how the sport goes sometimes. He is what he is but I think he gets off so much just because he’s on top, he’s a draw, he’s this, he’s that. Jon is very talented, but he’s gotten away with a lot of sh*t, and I’m not a fan of it.”

Do you think Rockhold and Jones will collide inside the Octagon at light heavyweight?

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