Justin Gaethje Promises To ‘Retire’ Al Iaquinta One Day

Gaethje Iaquinta
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UFC lightweight contender Justin Gaethje still holds a grudge with Al Iaquinta — so much so that he promises to retire him one day.

Gaethje and Iaquinta were slated to clash in the UFC Lincoln headliner last year. However, the latter pulled out due to injury and ever since, the two have been embroiled in a war of words with each other. For his part, Gaethje has since won two in a row and could be in a position to challenge for the lightweight title next.

His plan is to only fight anyone ranked above him next:

“Just waiting. I gotta be patient,” Gaethje told theScore MMA (via MMA News). “ I don’t want to take people behind me. And I’ve earned a spot. I’ve earned my spot, and I want to fight someone ranked ahead of me. I’ve earned that.

The only exception would be if Iaquinta was offered to him, even though he lost his last fight to Donald Cerrone:

“I’ll never pass up an Al Iaquinta fight,” he added. “I’m gonna fuck him up one of these days. I told him that he will not get out of here…unless he just gets out now. But I’m gonna fight him.

“He signed to fight me, he backed out, sent me some personal messages saying, ‘Let’s work together.’ So I don’t play that game. I’m trying to fuckin’ kill that dude…figuratively, not literally, for court reasons. But, yeah, I don’t like him. I think he’s a douchebag. …I will retire that man. I promise you. I promise you I am going to retire that man.”

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