UFC President Dana White labels MMA media as scumbag in latest expletive filled rant.

The relationship between the UFC (spearheaded by White) and the media has been a rocky one to say the least. The promotion has banned individual media member from events, such as Ariel Helwani, and White himself has gone on countless rants lambasting the media.

This time, while talking to ‘You Mom’s Basement’ which is hosted by Robbie Fox, White took issue with media who criticized Fox for his questionable ethics. The Barstool podcast host would post a video where he would thank White for covering his flights, hotel and expenses to cover one of his Power Slap events. Accepting money, or other forms of payment, from the subject you are covering is a big no-no in terms of ethics for journalists and media members.

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Dana White slams MMA media

When the topic of Fox’s criticism was brought up, White did not hold back.

“Tell the rest of the media who think they’re professional to kiss your f—kin’ ass,” White began. “Every one of those **king scumbags are a bunch of unprofessional f**kng douchebags. **k every one of ‘em. They’re all awful.

“I would love to see which ‘professionals’ are calling you unprofessional,” White continued. “They’re a bunch of **king bloggers, they’re all full of **t. They’re not media, they’re bloggers. Big difference. 100 f**king percent. Exactly.” (H/T MMA Mania)

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White then brough up how the UFC survived through the Covid-19 pandemic and accused the media of wanting the promotion to fail.

“Listen. Let me tell you how **king powerful and influential the media is,” White said. “If it was up to the media, the UFC would have never **king made it, okay? If it was up to the media, we would have never gone through COVID. If it was up to the media that had any type of influence or power, if they mattered whatsoever, Power Slap would not be doing what it’s doing right now. So, let ‘em f**king talk.”

Dana White on ‘You Mom’s Basment’

What do you make of Dana White’s comments?

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