Dana White, Ronda Rousey Got $150k To Bail Out Jeremy Stephens In 2012 Arrest

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When Jeremy Stephens was arrested in 2012 for an outstanding warrant, his fight with Yves Edwards was in jeopardy.

The arrest occurred on the day of the event and so, UFC president Dana White was ready to go the extra mile to bail Stephens out. And according to Chael Sonnen, that involved getting Ronda Rousey and $150,000 in cash.

“Dana happened to be doing business with Ronda Rousey,” Sonnen said during his ESPN show (via Bloody Elbow). “He takes Ronda Rousey, $150,000 in cash, goes down to the jail to get Jeremy Stephens out. Ronda told me that story herself. She said, ‘Yes, it was Dana and I and $150 grand.’ And guess what? They didn’t let him out.

“But Ariel [Helwani], picture that for a second. First off, where did he get $150 Gs on the spot? And secondly, Dana and Ronda come walking through the door!? It’s probably going to turn some heads, right? I mean, just picture that image, though. ‘Hey, that’s my guy back there, I need him out.’”

Stephens was eventually released and would face Edwards a few months later, albeit in a loss. “Lil’ Heaten” has stayed out of trouble since and has gone on to become a veteran for the promotion.

He headlines UFC Mexico City this Saturday against Yair Rodriguez in what will be his 31st fight for the promotion.

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