The welterweight grudge match between Johnson(8-3) and Howard(13-4) has been put on hold as ‘Rumble’ was forced to pull out due to a knee injury.The pair were scheduled to fight on the main card of “UFC on versus 1.Vera v Jones” which takes place on March 21st in Broomfield colo. The UFC has not officially announced Johnson’s withdrawal or if there has been a replacement fighter found to fight on 5 weeks notice.

Johnson has publicly bashed howard ever since his(howard’s) management turned down a 2009 bout with ‘rumble’ as they felt Howard was not evolved enough as a fighter yet to fight a highly ranked opponent such as Johnson.

‘(howard) said it was his management’s call that made him not accept the fight,’Johnson said in April 2009.’But at the end of the day you’re the one fighting,you’re the one thats gotta go out there and do the damn thing,not your management.’

Howard is yet to comment on Johnsons withdrawal and his camp were not available for comment.