Ronda Rousey Set To Appear In “The Expendables 3”


It looks like UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is branching out into new areas of stardom, as news broke tonight that she will be appearing in “The Expendables 3.” The third installment of the gigantic action franchise is set to star Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and of course, Steven Seagal.

Sly tweeted the reveal this evening:

The announcement comes as great news for Rousey and MMA as a whole, marking another crossover women’s star to step into the movie realm. Gina carano made the successful foray into film, but Rousey will arguably make her debut on a much, much larger scale.

Rousey’s star continues to shine as it blasts into the stratosphere. Will the movie impact her fighting schedule and timing? And if so, will her results as the dominant champion suffer?

Rousey could definitely find herself with a much more lucrative career than the UFC can provide should movies pan out for the fast-rising judo master.

  • Will there be Tatties ? Not man breasts either. I watched the first. Will not watch the second, well, maybe with a cheap Netflix rental and some beer. I dont know, she is hot, so maybe so… When you have hot, there be no need of plot. See p0rn if confused about that statement. ooooh , that reminds me of the acronym for M.A.R.I.N.E. Muscles Are Required Intelligence Non Essential…ok, Im rambling.

  • Ooooh…begs another question. If guys who worship male fighters are nuthuggers. Does she have a following of clithuggers ?

    • That's a reasonable question. A panel of experts should be empaneled to debate it.

  • Hey Mike, have you noticed what happens when you write an article about Rhonda Rousey?

    Your readers treat it like a conjugal visit in Prison.

  • Don't really care. I find this as attractive as any of the fast and furious movies which as a huge car fan hate those movies with a passion. Good for Rousey on the financial end but I watched the first expendables and will not watch any more. I can't believe there is a fast and furious 6 now, those movies are retarded.

  • Would sell my cozy dumpster/home to watch her in a eXXXpendables movie. It aint much, but it's home to me!

    • Dumpsters have a sliding door and a sunroof….Go ahead and brag you rich bastage! 8P

  • They'll have to pan the camera wayyyy back to get Tito's head in the shot. 8P

    • VICTOR Ortiz, brainless, not Tito.

      • Victor isnt brainless, your just mean.

      • by the way Cage, you can blow me you dooshbag.

  • Dam this broads annoying

  • Expendables III? I can't believe they made Expendables I and II, let alone making a third one.

    As Falcon said, good for Ronda on the financial end, but I wouldn't see one of these movies if you gave it to me for free and threw in the popcorn and coke.

    Sylvester Stallone is nearly 70 years old and still running around making bad (blue-screen and CGI) movies, all with little plot and bad dialogue and peppered with scenes to show off his steroid enhanced, greased-up and properly lit, body.

    I had even heard rumor of couple years back, that he was seriously thinking about doing a movie on MMA and with him in the cage, as the star fighter. It's laughable to even think of it, but that's the man's ego. He still thinks it's the 70's and he's Rocky.

    If he wants to continue to act and make movies, he should switch to something that is believable and something with a decent script. Franchise movies as a general-rule get worse with each new addition and I suspect that it will prove to be the case with Expendables III.

    He would have been better off doing an MMA movie with Rousey as the fighter and him as the Promoter. Heck man, if he's got Ronda…why not make a movie about her life? It would be a whole lot better than what's he's about to make, that's for sure.

    Stallone could cast himself as both Dana White and Scott Scott Coker, in a "tour de force"
    performance of both acting skills and make-up.

    Finally, I wouldn't watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger anything unless it was his criminal trial. I think he's a complete dirt-bag, fraud, hypocrite and liar. He was also (could still be) an ardent user of illegal drugs his whole life and has passed himself off as something he never was, which is honest and decent. In short he's a pig and I say that as a former fan.

    • Was thinking maybe they'd all be fat and call it the "Expandables"

    • lol, in the first one, they sped up his running scenes…Im not even joking, it was obvious he couldn't get out of his own way.

      • It was painful to watch him run in the first movie. He looked like he was going to fall

    • Pretty much sums it up. I was really excited when the first expendables came out because a lot of my favourite childhood stars were in it. But man it was bad and Randy was not cool in it. I should have known better though since it always seems to flop when the superstars all get together as if they start competeing to be the coolest guy on set.

      • Exactly what I thought Falcon, I was disappointed because the story line was far too predictable and just plain lame. With a real writer, it could have been a hit maybe.

  • Why is the movie being made,why? the second one was awful! keep making smart decisions Ronda,I love it,lol!