Renan Barao Injured, Henderson vs. Evans Now UFC 161 Main Event


With the unfortunate news that UFC interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao is officially injured and unable to defend his belt at UFC 161, the co-main event bout between Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans has been promoted to main event status. The UFC confirmed this today on Twitter:

Wineland sits without a new opponent, and although Urijah Faber spoke up yesterday to say he would take the fight, nothing has been brought up as of yet. The UFC 161 co-main event will feature Shogun Rua facing off against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. The card will take place on June 15th from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Henderson vs. Evans will officially be a three-round fight, as both competitors look to get back to winning ways after dropping lackluster decisions in both of their last fights. A loss will be potentially devastating for either aging fighter in the deep waters of the UFC 205 lb. division. 

  • they both didnt look good in their last fight, but I see hendo taking this one. I hope he does it with a knockout and gets a shot at the title so he can test jones chin.

    • What makes you think Hendo will get to test Jones chin? Before Hendo got hurt the 1rst time I said he might be the 1rst person to test the champ's chin. Then Jones fought another overall better striker in Vitor and I realized striking against the champ will be almost impossible unless you are Machida or Anderson. His reach and gameplan to play to his length is 2nd to none. Hendo Vs Jones will look alot like Rampage vs Jones, 1 man swinging for the fences while getting picked apart by the faster rangier fighter.

  • Might have bigger name value but the I think the Barao/Wineland fight was much more of a guarantee for entertainment, not saying this can't be great but that match-up of bantamweights was assured fireworks whiel this could potentially be a snoozefest.

    Hendo has had great fights over the last couple of years but he has literally only faced guys that ill get in the pocket and go to war with him, when he fought someone who wouldn't, Machida, it the same.
    I can't see Rashad just going forward, eating a H-bomb and returning a overhand right.
    Rashad's performances haven't been that fun lately either, the Davis and Nog fights were dull with his exciting fight for the belt being fun due to Jones going to work on him.

    Hopefully these guys come out with something to prove since they both did poor last time out.

  • oh and how about Rashad's fight getting the nod over Nog, who just beat him?
    I know it was always the case but was never as blaring obvious as it is now… seem a bit BS.

    I think Shogun vs. Nog will give a great fight 9/10 as well, would've been safer putting that as the main.

  • WAR HENDO!!!!!!!

  • So why's it only 3 rounds?
    Are they worried that they both put on such dull performances last time that they want to keep it short?

  • @Highkick…All main card events should go 5 rounds IMO….These guys have got no reason to be out of shape they are professional athletes.