Paul Daley: It’s ‘Ridiculous’ That Opponents Stand And Trade With Me

Dave Mandel for USA TODAY Sports

After suffering a one-sided submission loss to Rory MacDonald last May, Paul Daley got back into the win column with a brutal knockout victory over Lorenz Larkin in the co-main event of last night’s (Sept. 23, 2017) Bellator 183 from the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

After picking up a much-needed victory, Daley spoke to, saying that he thinks it’s ‘ridiculous’ that his opponents want to stand and trade with him:

“People, they just underestimate the power so much,” Daley said. “I don’t understand why. I’ve got 40 wins and 35 knockouts. Why would you want to stand and trade with me? It’s ridiculous. But I got the win. I’m happy, and I’m looking on to the future now, getting into title contention, big names, big fights and more money.

“Every time I get a knockout I feel fantastic. Winning definitely beats losing. The last time I lost against Rory MacDonald, so, it’s fantastic. Lorenz, he was just in my changing room, he’s genuinely a nice guy. He said I got under his skin a bit, and he just wasn’t used to the whole trash-talking thing. He’s a top name. He’s beaten former UFC champions. He’s beaten some top guys. For me, it’s a massive, massive win.”

Daley has now put his name back into the title discussion at 170-pounds, and a bout between him and fellow English knockout artist Michael “Venom” Page could take place next. If that fight does indeed come to fruition, “Semtex” feels as if “MVP” ‘can’t beat’ him:

“‘MVP’s’ been talking, but with this win, I think I’ve leapt over that kind of fight,” Daley said. “But I’m open to the fight, because it’s a big fight. I’m just looking for the money and waiting for the title shot. Standup fighters like ‘MVP,’ they can’t beat me. They don’t understand I just have to touch them once, and then it’s lights out. So, it’s whatever. Whatever happens.”

Who would you like to see Daley fight next?

  • Dave WC

    Doesn’t he usually talk shit when people take him down? So he’ll say this until he fights the next grappler.

  • Adamaj

    Nick Diaz says Hi

    • HeteroFriendly

      Unless they’ve got a really good chin.
      Nick has been TKO’d through getting pummeled untul he bleeds too much,
      but nobody has ever KO’s him.

      Walking forward across the cage from bell to bell.

      • Poochie

        Jeremy Jackson says hi.

        • Murderous1

          Oh I see you must be one of those like him your kind is not welcome here it’s supposed to be adam and eve not adam and steve

  • HeteroFriendly

    This guy is definitely always exciting for his style.
    Whether he becomes champion or not,
    that style isn’t ALWAYS the keys to the belt,
    but its IS always watchable and employable.

    You cant say that all belt holders are necessarily watchable.

  • RMRyan

    Lol Paul Daley, slates his opponents for standing and trading but when he gets someone who holds hime down all fight (Koscheck) he has a tantrum and throws a cheap shot after the final bell.