Josh Koscheck out of UFC 151 bout with Jake Ellenberger


Just when you may have thought the UFC injury bug had subsided, breaking news comes to reveal that the always controversial Josh Koscheck is out of his UFC 151 co-main event bout with fellow top Welterweight Jake Ellenberger. Putting a stop to what was to be a pivotal bout at 170 lbs., the unfortunate news was revealed by UFC Tonight via Twitter:

It appears that no new opponent has been named as of yet for the once-surging prospect Ellenberger. He is looking to re-gain the momentum that was taken away when Martin Kampmann derailed his six-fight winning streak earlier this year. For Kos, one must begin to question the durability of the aging fighter. Another title run seems highly unlikely for the 34-year-old Koscheck. He has many battles under his belt, but the Ellenberger bout was a fight he desperately needed to win to stay relevant.

This is unfortunate news for the September 1st card, which features a main event of Jon Jones vs. the legendary Dan Henderson for the Light Heavyweight strap. Who should replace Josh Koscheck and fight Ellenberger? Is it possible that BJ Penn makes his return versus Ellenberger here?


  • Set up the rematch between Jon Fitch and BJ Penn, then give Erick Silva a fight against Jake Ellenberger. I think Ellenberger will give Silva more of a chance to shine than Fitch, who has the best control this side of GSP. If Silva rolls through Ellenberger the way he has everyone else, It’d put him in the mix for sure.

  • You know, I hadn’t thought of that. Not a bad plan my friend, not a bad plan at all.

  • I think akiyama would be a great replacement if he could make the weight. Good chin and always comes to throw.

  • While henricks vs silva would be great – we can also have veterans vs new gen – fitch vs silva & penn vs hendricks.

  • goddamn ridiculous.

  • i like our idea
    Bu I hope Silva wouldnt beat Jake . Ellebeger ismy favorite WW alongside BJ penn

  • Yea throw hands and not Judo throw…. resulting in his UFC record

  • Surprise Suprise

  • Karma for being a total helmet

  • He has a bulging **** in his backside

  • Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Jay Hieron just got a new contract with the UFC and steps up to fight Ellenberger! I like that matchup !!!!