Cro Cop says he took it easy on Anthony Perosh


Cro Cop finally got back on the win collum by defeating Perosh in UFC 110, Cro Cop defeated Perosh via TKO at the end of the second round after cutting Perosh head open with an elbow.

Cro Cop recently told the media that because Perosh got the fight in two days notice, he took it easy on his opponent;

“I admire Perosh for accepting the fight. There were much better fighters there who turned it down but i understand why; they did not have time to prepare. But, I am very sorry that i had to hurt Perosh. I tried to fight with as much consideration for him as i could. I even avoided the ground because I am 7,8 Kilos heavier than he is.

When asked why he didn’t finish Perosh off, Cro Cop simply said he was too bloody and I did not want to hurt him more.

For now Cro Cop is in talks to fight his original opponent, Ben Rothwell, as soon as Rothwell recovers from the stomach flu. As, for Perosh he was awarded a 4-fight contract for taking the fight in such short notice.

  • I think this is kind of a slap to the face, Cro Cop basically said he beat Perosh without really trying

  • dunno dude i thought it was decent of him not to bulldoze him, but he did beat him without trying, even perosh knows thay

  • I don’t think he meant that he didn’t try, he just didn’t go all the way he didn’t any head kicks maybe fought at an 80% who knows…

  • You could see that he was taking it easy on him. He stood up immediately once he landed that elbow, and he held back quite a few times while Perosh was rocked.

  • You could tell CroCop felt bad for the guy, but its his job to finish fights.
    I hope he hasnt got to soft now days, we’ll see when he fights Ben

  • Yeah, and when he split him open bad, Perosh insisted on continuing Cro Cop was like…”Really…? You want to get an even bigger beat down?”

  • Very decent of the UFC to give that guy an extended contract for taking the fight on short notice. The crybabies who constantly whine about Dana have just simply got sand in their vaginas and need to shut up.


  • Honestly I think Ben would beat him… Look at Cain vs Ben… Cain had him on the ground and against the fence and was landing bombs, undefended shots to the face, over and over. And they weren’t even bothering Ben enough for him to even try to avoid them or block them. Then look what Cain did to Nog?…

    I think Mirko could kick Ben directly between the eyes as hard as he could, and it MIGHT make his knees a little wobbly.

  • im glad persosh got that contract, but he is def a 205 pounder

  • This is one of the baddest picture of Crop Cop EVER. That fight was crucial for him – who know what he would have done if he lost that. Kudos to Cro Cop

  • i miss the old cro cop

  • Yeah that is an awesome pic of Cro Cop. He looks more deadly than the swat team surrounding him.
    But it was plan to see that he took it easy on Perosh. He didn’t swarm him when he had him rocked & retreating. Not a bad deal though, fight Cro Cop, get split open, & earn a 4 fight deal.

  • I thought Cro Cop was just bored at first but this kinda explains it better. I was expecting a flurry of punches or at least a couple more kicks from him in the fight though

  • Cro Cop needs to drop to light weight or retire. He has good take down defense and guard but he is just a kick boxer who is not strong enough for those big heavyweights. Cain Velasquez is just way too big and they would destroy him just like gonzaga, kongo, and dos santos. FYI Ben rothwell has no ground game

  • ian

    Cain gets better with every fight, his striking is better now, im pretty sure, if he was landing those punches to rothwell on saturday he would’ve knocked him out cold.

  • Anything can happen in MMA, but theres one certainty. If Cro Cop connects with a left high kick, you going to sleep.

  • Actually I believe Cro Cop has steadily been going up in weight since he first entered the octagon. He weighed in at something like 236 for ufc 110, not much less than Cain. I’m guessing he had a realization similar to Mir’s and has added a more significant weight training regimen.

  • He was given a 4 fight contract for taking the fight on short notice. That shows Dana does care about his fighters. Cro cop hit him with an elbow and was hitting him with some good punches when he had him down. Took it easy?

  • needs to improve for the next fight. He look quite lethagric in 2nd round despite winning the fight

  • 205 cro cop please!!!!

  • BullS–t! CroCop is just not the same fighter he used to be,.

  • Cro Cop is a world class kickboxer with one of the best take-down defenses in the game. Light weight?! that would be interesting……….