Chris Weidman talks UFC 162 bout with Anderson Silva: I’m not just another title contender


At UFC 162 Chris Weidman will step up to the plate to face Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva in a middleweight championship tilt. The 28-year-old Serra-Longo prodigy earned his title shot with a 5 fight win streak in the UFC.

In his most recent fight he knocked out Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel in mid 2012. Since then Weidman has had to sit by and watch the title picture take place without him. Upon receiving his title shot Weidman had this to say to MMA Fighting:

“Without a doubt, it feels like fate. When I got injured, I was down, but I did feel like something better was going to happen out of this. I thought I was going to get an even bigger fight than the Boetsch fight. I didn’t have my hopes up too much that it would be Anderson, but I knew there was a chance it could be. Everybody who could have had a shot lost. Things went my way. I’m grateful and humble for the opportunity.”

“I’m very motivated to make the most of this opportunity and not just be another title contender,” he said. “Every other time I’ve had a full training camp, I’ve had a finish. And I plan on continuing that. I’m going against the greatest of all-time, but that’s not going to change my confidence of what I’m going to do in there. I’m very excited.”

So it seems that not only is ‘Supernatural’ grateful, he is also confident he can finish. Although I suppose the same could be said for most of Silva’s recent opponents and it really didn’t finish well for them.

Silva’s long limbs, incredible Muay Thai and otherworldly accuracy have scored him 4 KO/TKO’s in his last 4 fights and only 2 of his 16 wins in the UFC have come by decision.

Its impossible to deny Weidman’s amazing athleticism and ability for MMA, but will it be enough to knock ‘The Spider’ off his throne at middleweight? Or will the champ prove once again why he is at the top of most fans p4p list?

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  • He has the tools to win but until he is the champ, especially if he is trying to take Anderson's belt, people will think of him as another contender. He may be a bit more special than the rest of the pack though and I would probably think he would take the belt at another weight class, it's just hard to forsee Silva losing against anybody.

    Honestly, I think Jon Jones may be the last guy that went for the belt and everyone knew he could be the next big thing.

  • My money will be on Weidman to finish what Sonnen started.

    • This fight can't come soon enough. Weidman has 25 minutes to finish this fight and avoid the best striking in MMA. Tough assignment

      • @ Enjoy

        Oh, The Challenge, but oh, The Challenger.

        I do not believe this will be a 25 minute fight. Anderson has never taken 25 minutes to finish, anyone, not on the feet and if Chris can't get him down, well, it's probably going to be the end of Weidman.

        This is all about one question, can CW get The Spider down. I don't even think its a question of whether or not he can finish him on the ground, because my guess is, if he gets him there, that will be it for Anderson. Hence, my prediction that it won't be 25 minutes.

        On the feet, Anderson owns CW. On the ground, I think we'll see CW own Silva. I do not believe, that once down, Anderson will be able to neutralize Weidman, the way he did Sonnen. Win Weidman by sub or stoppage.

        This whole fight is going to boil down to two things, CW's TD and AS's TDD. Who ever wins that debate, wins the fight by KO, TKO or Submission. This will not be a decision fight. Not IMO, it won't.

        • @MMATruth….I think you are spot on…I could never see this fight lasting 25 minutes and ending with a split decision after a stand up war.

          If weidman wins its by Take downs & GNP

          If Silva wins its by Submission or KO all the way.

          • @ Enjoy

            E – you had me and then you lost me at the ….Silva by submission. 🙂

            He will KO / TKO Weidman's *** or he will lose, dude. LOL!
            That simple. Enjoy, should Anderson submit Weidman, I "promise" I will don the avatar of any fighter you wish and do so for 30 days. You need not make any requisite bet. If I win you must do nothing. LOL!

            As The Cars might sing…Let's Go!

          • @MMATruth…..I've been following Silva for so long, I've started to believe that he can also fly, hence the submission win possibility after seeing Chael lose that way!

            As for the avator, i was thinking kalib Starnes or the new transgender fighter….! lol

          • @ Enjoyu


            Hilarious, man.

            Well, I made the offer so if those are your avatar choices…then so be it.

            You're hilarious.

          • Ive got a memory like an elephant truth….!lol

            Silva via submission and its 30 long days.

    • RPM

      @Truth, you can go on and on about how tough Weidman is…. and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah….

      The point is that Weidman is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! It's a Hype train about to be derailed. Cheal Sonnen is a much better fighter than Weidman and he could'nt DO **** even after dominating 6 full rounds.


      • @RPM….. 6 FULL ROUNDS ???

        • RPM

          5 for the first fight and 1 for the second one almost in succession. Why so surprised??

          • @RPM….ok…I follow what your saying now….

      • @ Low RPM

        Weidman isn't good enough? Then how did Chris get the fight?

        If he's no good, then are you saying that if Anderson beat him, that Anderson beat a bum? If that's the case, then is Anderson that great if all he can do is beat bums? Is that you're point? Anderson fights bums?

        Sonnen is a better fighter than Weidman? When and where was that proven? I hope you're not trying to establish that via their respective win records.

        As to me shutting up, for F-sake….or….WHAT?

        Does something happen if I don't?

        I think you're a few RPMs' short of getting up the hill.

        • It's called promotion promoting and Commercializing! Anderson Silva is just on a different level!

  • Weidman would be wise to take Sonnen's game plan from the first fight and finish the job. If he gets a big head and tries to stand and trade, well we all know what happens next……

    • @ Cage


    • Not sure what fight you all saw, but Chael knocked Spider on his *** more then once in their first fight. It wasn't a Fitch or Couture fight. Chael's striking was WAY under rated in their first fight.

      Regardless, no body beats the spider at 185. No body.

      • @ NC

        Sonnen was not being derided by Cage, he was being praised.

        Regardless, should Weidman take Silva down, he will lose.

  • If he does beat Silva I hope its a finish and not just what chael would have accomplished; which was holding down the champ until the clock runs out while taking more damage despite being on top.

    • @ High

      Odd you'd complain about Sonnen having Silva down for 6 rounds (total), inclusive of a full-mount (at the end of round 1 / 6), one where I doubt The Champ would have survived, had Sonnen achieved it earlier in the round…because, at the (in) real-time and when it was happening / being broadcast live, it was one / two very exciting fights (until Sonnen fell down and gave up, in the 7th) and two fights (certainly one fight, the first), which were acclaimed world-wide within the MMA community, as being one of, if not, the greatest MMA fight of all time and (possibly) still, to this date.

      Both fighters were heralded. One for his dominance and how close he came to winning and the other for his resilience, toughness and pulling it out of the bag, at the last second; Almost, quite literally.

      To deride those two fights and particularly the first, is to Monday-Morning quarterback a position, which you had failed to allude to, the previous Sunday night.

      • To bad ALMOST only counts with grenades

      • relax man, they were good fights, but had Chael won without doing much damage with his pillows for hands than it wouldnt have had nearly the same effect as finishing. Anderson could have spent another 5 rounds with Chael on him and not been finished, even with his injury.
        If only took Anderson one stuffed takedown to finish the fight, like a true champ.

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    • @hate will I see u at this fight to? I missed u at the sonnen fight!