Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne Set For UFC On Fox Sports 1 In Boston


UFC on Fox Sports 1-1 is set to take place on August 17th in Boston and is already shaping up to be a super stacked card. With Thiago Alves vs. Matt Brown and Joe Lauzon vs. Miachael Johnson already confirmed, Boston natives now have another big fight to look forward to.

Alistair Overeem will face Travis Browne in a battle between two goliaths of MMA, with both guys experiencing recent losses to the same man-Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. Silva put the works to Browne last October, and The Reem ate a slice of humble pie at UFC 156-where Silva taught the K-1 champ to respect his huge hands. Browne has recently bounced back with a savage KO over Gabriel Gonzaga at TUF 17 Finale.

There has been plenty of speculation about who Overeem would face following his exodus from the UFC 160 card. ‘Demolition Man’ was originally slated to slug it out with ex-champ Junior dos Santos, but was forced to withdraw and be replaced by Mark Hunt.

Browne’s loss to Bigfoot was arguably due to the fact that he was injured, although Silva still needed to finish him, in a fight that Browne was heavily favored to win. Browne will look to make it two on the bounce, while Reem will look to inject himself back in to the Heavyweight elite at UFC on Fox 1: Boston (That’s what I’m going to call it from now on) in a match that will almost certainly end in brutal fashion.

Overeem’s chin may be a factor, although his experience might shine through against Browne. I have a feeling that we will see the best Travis Browne ever, fighting Overeem is a big step up. So whats your pick in this clash of Heavyweight monsters? Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Browne gonna kick your *** Alistair and everyone knows it

    • Well as of right now only slightly more than half the people know it.

      Great match up though, speed vs power.

    • beatdown for travis brown sorry to hear this, but if alistair is allowed to use steroids, he's unstoppable hopefully he is in steroids this time so that he's gonna win.

    • im betting everything for alistair hope he wins.

  • ooo this should be a great fight.
    And I dont really have a preference so Ill just enjoy whatever happens.
    I like both these guys so hopefully whoever loses doesn't get knocked too far down the ladder.

    • I can't like Alistair, something about his blatant use of PED's makes me dislike him everytime I see him. Watching Big foot K.O him was 1 of my favorite MMA moments. I'm sure there is plenty of fighters who have used at 1 time or another or might even still be cycling on and off. Some of whom I like as fighters, but lets be serious when someone swells up the way he did it's a joke.

  • If you had asked me this question 6 months ago, I would say Alistair would win HANDS DOWN….. but now it turns out that having him his "hands down" is what caused his downfall against Bigfoot.

  • Watch for Overeem to use tighter defense in this fight. Alistair via KO in the first or second round.

  • Overeem will struggle with the mobility of Travis Brown and this will lead to him losing. Also he's apparently struggling from low testosterone levels too, I'm sure we all know why that is, Overeem stock is about to fall even greater after this fight imo.

  • Overeem (The K1 champ) will take yet another opponent down as fast as he can. IMO, he'll stop him there in the first.

    • When has Overeem been TD happy? He stood with Big Foot, Lesner, Werdum, Duffy, Brett Rogers until he rag dolled him to the floor and beat him silly, etc. etc. I am just going down the list of guys he's fought in order. When was Overeem TD Happy.

  • I really dont like both of them….two cocky SOBs….i will be rooting for a double KO so they can both lose.

  • Wow, it would be SO awesome if the Reem would actually put his hands up this time. I laughed out loud when he did that Home Depot press conference the day after Bigfoot handed his A$$ to him and some kids were saying "Yeah, it's too bad he didn't have his hands up." OMG. Didn't they cover that on day one of kickboxing class? LMAO. Please NO MORE documentaries, just keep your freaking hands up and you'll be set!

  • Reems gonna do Browne like he did Todd Duffee.

  • He (Overroids) should take this fight more serious than the last. His ego was his downfall. I do not agree with the obvious chemical enhancement he has undergone, however , as with TRT, the drug is to credit for his mass gain, but cannot add to his skill, just allows him to train longer, and harder. I think his training on whatever level, attributed to being natural or juice,and lacking the juice after being busted, was not responsible for his loss to Mr. Large Bipeds. That was purely his mindset, underestimating Silva and looking past him. Like greeneyeleo said, hands up. Of course, without the stamina from longer training with PED's, those meat hammers cost a lot of energy to hold up. Brown is not to be taken lightly, as I would see him as more a threat, before Bigfoot, without that last fight in mind. Hopefully no injury will plague Travis mid fight this time and we see his best come out, and test Allistair. Should he remain humble I want Reem to win, purely because I like kickboxing style, but if he is still fooling himself, I am fine with Travis knocking him down another notch. May the cleanest man win ( clean body and mind ).