Alistair Overeem: I don’t feel like I owe anything to the fans


Controversial UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem appears in an MMA H.E.A.T. interview surrounding his return fight at UFC 156 versus “Bigfoot” Silva. Last since dismantling Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 at the end of 2011, Overeem talks of his return to the Octagon after a year-long suspension for elevated testosterone prior to UFC 146.

Overeem acknowledged that he wanted the dos Santos fight, but the former champion instead took a bout with Cain Velasquez and lost the belt at UFC 155. He also detailed his rigorous drug testing to get reinstated, as well as his sincere apology to UFC President Dana White. 

Lastly, Overeem said that he feels he does not owe the fans anything, and only wants to win. Is Overeem the perfect hulking bad boy for the UFC, or will he be in trouble once he gets taken to the ground with force? 

  • Why would he owe us anyhing?

    • He cost us a HW title fight, because he used testosterone, of which he knew nothing, because he didn't ask and the doctor didn't tell!?
      Does that sound logical, overeem thinks it did!

      • Straight up anabolic steroids bro, not simply TRT

        • He was suspended for having too high a ratio of testosterone to epitestoterone, not for TRT or steroids. His testosterone levels were never determined that i have read , just the ratio.

          • I heard it was most likely anabolics because of the way the ratios were off, maybe Doctor Michael can shed light to be more clear. But I never have seen anyone that big from just TRT.

          • We make testosterone and we make epitestosterone. There is no epitestosterone product and it doesn't build muscle so nobody would take it. Thus when tested if the ratio is out of balance it tells us that an artificial testosterone has likely been used. Testosterone is the prototype anabolic steroid. Any molecule derived from a cholesterol ring is considered a steroid. Not all steroids are anabolic which means they help to "build". A corticosteroid, for example, tends to raise blood sugar and put on fat. The opposite of Testosterone. So people would only want to use Testosterone or some chemical analogue of testosterone (a chemical that acts similarly in the body but has been designed to be different for some reason (to work better, avoid detection, avoid patent infringement or some other reason)).

            So, a high T/EpiT ratio means a testosterone from outside the body has been added into the body. The ratio is not an accurate reflection of how much has been used or for how long. A recent injection could give a higher ratio than a much bigger dose used over a much longer period of time if it was stopped a while ago. The argument that a guys T/EpiT ratio was 17 times normal and so he had levels that were 17 times higher than normal is not correct. For than information, as has been suggested, it would be nice to have the follow up serum levels of Testosterone.

            In TRT physicians are replacing Testosterone that is missing due to illness. An ethical physician (if there are any 😉 would only give testosterone replacement to a patient who had typical symptoms of being low AND had levels below normal.

            The Endocrine Society's TRT guidelines are online and you can read them. They recommend replacing people to the middle of the normal range. So for example, using metric units as we do in Canada, if the normal range is 5-30 and a guy is 2 and run down, tired, can't maintain muscle mass, depressed, difficulty achieving orgasm, loss of sex drive, loss of hair in the pubic area and arm pits and the abnormality is there on two morning blood tests then I would try him on treatment and test him regularly to ensure we were not over replacing.

          • @ Michael S…..I sharped you, but you just reminded me why i should have gone to more of my biochem lectures…

          • Forgot too thankyou Michael for the explanation.

      • well technically he cost only himself something which was the title shot. we got a pretty good replacement fight. he only cost himself

    • D

      There is the matter of payment, which without fans would not be possible…

  • fighters owe nobody anything! they fight for themself.

    • Agree!
      But still your nickname hurts my brain.

    • @PukeVomit, if that is true, ie. if that's the way it is now then your generation has let us down. Previous generations considered high paid professional athletes to be in a position of privilege. As their payers it was felt that fans deserved a modicum of respect in return for the amazing amounts of money paid them. This is why athletes used to sign autographs after games (not because their sponsor demands it).

      This is not to say that Nick Diaz can't flip off somebody in the crowd yelling truly obnoxious things but generally speaking I think given everything they earn off of my back and yours society can expect high paid athletes to be civil and to play their sport with dignity.

      I can't see anything wrong with expecting athletes to live up to the spirit of the Olympic Oath (as an example): "In the name of all competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams."

      Does it alway happen? No.
      Should we expect it? Yes

  • True to some extent, but when you lied to everyone, the UFC included and have reaped benefit from being a cheating fighter for sooo long and delagitimized the guys you beat…yes you owe everyone Overroid you bully pompous azzhole. I tell it like it is, dont care who likes it or not. My profile pic will stay for a long time now!

  • If he loses to Bigfoot, he might as well pack his bags. Means nothing really to me compared to the top guys in the UFC. Cormier isnt even here yet, is super small for a HW and destroyed him.

  • Actually, he does owe me a horse meat sandwich, with cheese. We made a bet on him getting busted, I won. Pay up Ally.

    • Im from the USA where we think its wrong to eat horses, such smart beautiful animals…A bit different from India where the cow is sacred, cows are as dumb as a box of rocks.

  • ian

    He basically changed the whole heavyweights card, so you do Overeem.

  • FE4

    I was disappointed cause I didn't get to see that fight, but he doesn't owe us anything. In the end he's only hurting his wallet.

  • The Reem. This guy is one of the top heavy weights in the world. He holds three belts. People doubt because they attribute his entire success to illegal steroids that somehow miraculously turned him into the best, but if you have used steroids before you would know that is not the case. I don't expect a different Reem against Bigfoot, do all you?

    • Against better comp yes, quite a bit less strength and cardio….ask Lance Armstrong about the cardio and strength.

  • I expect the same killer, with the same killer power and skills. And does he owe the fans, anything? Other than putting on a good fight, no fighter owes any fan, anything.

    • I see your point but you know your a Reem hugger 8P 8))

      • @ Entity

        FU Entity..LOL!

        I like the guy and I truly do believe he's a killer. When he puts someone away, it's a beautiful thing to watch. His destruction of Lesnar was a thing of beauty. I can still see that shin to the liver…the pause and then the fall-down-go-boom moment. I'm just glad to see him back in the ring, because he's an exciting fighter. Well, except for the second Werdum fight.

        I am really looking forward to this tonight. I was truly disappointed when we didn't get to see the JDS fight, but that's all past BS, now. He's back and for me, that's all that matters. Finally we'll get to see some of the matches we've been dying to see. And all though, I'm not nuts about this match tonight, it is, none-the-less a decent match-up and should be a decent challenge. I'm confident he will put Bigfoot away in the first. I really hope he doesn't lose or more precisely, lose badly or that's it's a boring fight. Even a loss in an exciting war be acceptable, but not the others. Hoping for a decisive victory.

        Enjoy the card. 🙂

        • Anytime Im joking, you'll see 8P or 8))

          • @ Entity

            I know, man. It's all good.

        • sorry MMATruth but I always remembered him getting beat a lot at LHW he had no chin and still doesnt.

  • Yeah, he paid for all those pharmaceuticals with his own money! He doesn't owe the fans, sponsors or non-doping fighters a damn thing. Right on!

  • Lol why do people think he will be in trouble on the ground??? Clearly don't know shit about The Reem…. he's a worldclass grappler, he submitted Vitor Belfort. Look at his fucking record… he got MORE submissions than KO's!! How doesn't anyone notice and recognize that he has 19 submission wins in his career? (including legit BJJ Blackbelts) clearly he knows what he's doing on the ground…!! Sure bigfoot will have a little advantage on the ground, but as i said it will be "little" and there's a good chance that The Reem will submit him after he softens him up with 2 of those Gigantic Fists. The 1 and only mistake The Reem has made during his early career is fighting in the wrong weightclass because the weightcut was too hard on his body and fucked up his stamina and chin. He's gonna destroy all your favorite fighters in the UFC and probably end up being the Anderson Silva of the UFC HW division.

  • ight boys here's hows its gonna go down, OVERREEM is gonna knock out Big foot real quick and then go on to have a great fight with Cain in which he might win but Cain's no joke ight one time! braaaaaapppppp

    • lol, if you are wrong, you're being demoted to employee instead of boss. 8))

      • Now go sweep the floor and clean the windows, I'll take it from here Boss!

        • lol ya i really boosted overreem lol big foot reallly impressed me, my judgement was clouded but i am still a BOSS

          • ok but at least make me vice president 8P