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Cat Zingano claims Bryan Caraway elbowed her in the head at TUF 17 Finale Weigh-Ins


As far as accusations go things aren’t looking all that great for Bryan Caraway. On one hand he did obtain a submission of the night bonus by default after Pat Healy’s bonuses were taken from him as a punishment for his positive drug test this week.

On the other hand Caraway was called a homophobic slur by Nate Diaz who was speaking in defense of Healy’s drug situation, and now Caraway is being suspected of striking a woman.

According to womens Bantamweight Cat Zingano, Caraway who is the boyfriend of her last opponent Miesha Tate, had both ben cordial and respectful leading up to this fight, even exchanging smiles mutually on some occasions.

However according to Zingano, things took a 180 degree turn rather quickly when she was apparently struck in the back of the head by an elbow.

While both fighters were waiting to weigh-in for their fight, Caraway allegedly struck Zingano as he grazed by her in the hallway.

Zingano spoke with Bloody Elbow on Friday and shared the experience as well as her feelings on the incident:

“I genuinely like everyone until I have a reason to dislike them. I saw [Caraway] all week, I smiled and was respectful. I get Miesha and not being bff’s fight week, I’m not fighting her to make friends. But as far a corners go, good fights are the product of well coached athletes, with heart & talent. Brian smiled back in my face then elbowed me in the head at weigh-ins. I was pissed. I considered him in that same respect. I am a fighter all the same, but that was dirty and cheap to do to anyone, let alone a girl. They were both in on it, which makes it even more disturbing. If my husband or son ever pulled something like that, I would be their biggest problem. I won’t be bullied nor condone it.”

Zingano’s nutritionist also spoken with briefly regarding the incident, sharing his thoughts and a few more specific details of what transpired:

“I think it was a real bullshit move on his part. We’re backstage and all the fighters are there. We’re kinda tight on space because we were basically in the back where some magician does his shows.

Theres like two rows of chairs lined up and then a table where everyone is filling out their medicals. Cat and I are sitting in the front row and a couple guys from Gabriel Gonzaga‘s camp are on the other side of us. We’re talking and I’m looking straight at Cat when I see this body coming down the row behind her. I didn’t notice it was Caraway but there’s plenty of room to walk by. As he gets closer to our chairs he flares his elbow out and pops Cat right in the back of the head. The first thing on my mind was, ‘that guy just elbowed her in the head!’ As I’m turning around to see who it was Cat says the same thing. I turn my head to look and it’s Caraway! And then one of the other fighters, might have been Uriah Hall, sitting there says, ‘hey! I think that guy just elbowed you in the head!’

So it was kind of a big deal. Cat, being who she is, gets up and starts pacing back and forth. At first, my protective coaching instincts kick in and I wanna go over and say something to him but we’re backstage, it’s the UFC. I wasn’t gonna go try to make a big scene. I just thought it was crazy he would take a shot at her. I don’t know what the deal was. [Caraway and Tate] were both being real weird in the back. They’re basically inseparable.”

Zingano apparently texted her husband immediately following the incident, who then wanted to confront both Tate and Caraway regarding the event but was restrained by Zingano’s wrestling coach who was one of many that attempted to keep things civil backstage.

According to Bloody Elbow both Tate and Caraway were asked for comment, but neither has responded.

  • why wont he fight a man, he should elbowed butterbean.

  • Wow. I mean, I understand if you're against weed, that's cool, but now you elbow the number one contender? Weird bud. Look, I'm highly indifferent when it comes to the Diaz bros., but don't make me say they have a point. Because obviously they do.

  • Don't mean to defent Nate too much here, but one of the reason he went after him so hard was Caraway actively campaigned to recieve Pat's bonus after it came out that he tested positive for weed. He also made some incredibly ignorant comments about it.

    Basically, what I'm saying is Nate didn't just defend Pat because of the drug but the way Caraway went about his business getting it and gloating about it after he recieved it.

  • Elbows cat, campaigns for his ex training partner/acquaintances bonus, ignorant comments after he receives it, tells rousey that he'd punch her teeth down her throat… Class act. Ill leave the peds out…

  • Seems like a true story to me!
    Why won't tate and caraway respond, because their guilty! IMO
    That's a ridiculous story! I ll be hating on caraway and tate from now on!
    Zingano, looks like a pure person (crying on the walk in) and not somebody that would make up a strange story like this!
    If caraway and Tate or wrongfully accused they would react! But they don't!!!!!!

  • Caraway is gonna get it hard. This guy is a straight up b*tch and is gonna get what's coming to him. Straight up.

  • Caraway vs. Diaz. Nate might have fell short against the champ. But I'm sure he'd get his shots in on Caraway.

    Diaz might be rough around the edges, but he's still a guys guy. Hitting a girl would be the match on this powder keg.

    • Caraway fights at 135. Diaz fights at 155 and 170, so not going to happen.

      • I forgot. I remember he started at LW.

        It could still happen. But it's a Diaz, it'll be in the hotel lobby or parking lot. lol

  • Dana White takes $130,000 away from a gentleman who accepted responsibility like a man for what he did, and gives it to this piece of s-h-i-t who ambush assaults women in the back of the head? Why doesn't DW punish Caraway for this B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T act?! Zyngano and Healy are both class acts, and Caraway,the piece of crap he is, gets rewarded with $130,000..

  • I'm tempted to call Bryan a slur, but I don't want to get fired and fined thousands of dollars.