UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez appears in a Fuel TV interview to address the currently jumbled situation at Heavyweight. Since former proposed title challenger Alistair Overeem lost to Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156 last weekend, there is not a clear-cut number one contender for the 265 lb. belt.

Cain believes that former champion Junior dos Santos needs to get another win under his belt before he gets a rematch. Velasquez did just that, besting Bigfoot Silva handily at UFC 146 before regaining his belt from dos Santos at UFC 155. 

Although Ariel Helwani continually prods Cain to answer who he would prefer to fight next, Velasquez calmly replies he will fight who the UFC puts in front of him, and is looking for a summer return to the Octagon. He also reiterated that he would not fight friend and teammate Daniel Cormier