BlogKick: What Does it mean to be an Elite Striker?

You hear it a lot. We’ve heard it even more than usual last Saturday for the Fight for The Troops 2 card, Joe Rogan talking about how so and so is an “elite striker”. What exactly is an elite striker and who should be considered an elite striker? I’ve thought about this for a long time prior to last Saturday’s UFC event. You hear this phrase thrown around so loosely in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Now, I’m not comparing the sport of Mixed Martial Arts to other Combat Sports like Boxing or Muay Thai / K

Team Takeover LowKick Blog #3: UFC Fan Expo, K-1 WGP and a few words of wisdom

What’s up Slimes Bloodstain Lane aka The Frikandel(Props to The Reem ) Well I have to say…I had a very interesting past 7 days, I attended the UFC Boston Expo, UFC 118 and managed to get under the nerve of Bas Boon and Alistair Overeem. So lets get into things: – I got to meet my favorite MMA fighter (along with WAND, Fedor, Badr Hari, Gomi and Cro Cop) Mauricio Shogun Rua and it was awesome. Shogun actually recognized me from my UFC 104 rant video and thanked me for it. Then, he gave me a free