Dana White: Griffin and Hughes need to retire, there is nothing left to prove

Former Welterweight champion Matt Hughes (45-9 MMA, 18-7 UFC) and former Light Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin (19-7 MMA, 10-5 UFC) are two fighters that UFC President Dana White thinks need to hang up their gloves. At a press conference yesterday White said: “Hughes is one of these guys that, I absolutely, positively want Matt Hughes to retire. What else is there to accomplish? The guy’s done everything. He’s been a staple in this organization for a long time. He’s been

The Greatest Champions of the Sport.

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has seen many great fighters and champions come and go, but only a few have cemented a legacy for the ages. I have selected five fighters, from their own respective divisions, that have not only claimed a title but shaped the sport as well. I did not add the Featherweight or the Bantamweight divisions due to the fact that most casual fans are not aware of their existence, and the divisions are relativity new compared to the five major weight divisions.

Blogkick: The Top 10 Fighters of All Time

Now I won’t even begin to preach this list as matter of fact. As with more or less any top 10 list, it is completely subjective and unique to the person making it, and there is no list that everyone will be able to agree on, especially on such a debatable topic as the one I’m about to delve into. However, i have tried to be as fair as possible and take each fighter’s accomplishments into account with as equal measure as his counterparts. And that is mostly what my list is attempting to reflect: