Eddie Alvarez: MMA’s Rocky Balboa

The city of Philadelphia, best known through the world as “the city of brotherly love”. Home of the famous cheese steak sandwiches, the Philadelphia Phillies, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But the city of Philadelphia is also known for their fighting culture. The Philly Style of boxing is known through out the world. “The Executioner” Bernard Hopkins is a legend in the sweet science and probably the city’s best known fighter. But for the non-boxing fans when you think of

I’m going to kick his butt – LowKick.com exclusive interview with Jorge Masvidal

I’m going to kick his butt – LowKick.com exclusive interview with Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal is a true veteran in the world of Mixed Martial Arts at only the age of 26. The Miami, Florida native was first seen fighting in the streets, even appearing in a video that saw him fight Kimbo Slice’s protégé at the time. In 2003 he has first professional MMA fight and even ventured into the world of pro boxing with one fight in 2005.
In his eight year career, he has beaten the likes of Joe Lauzon, Keith Wisniewski, Yves Edwards, and former Sengoku Champion Satoru

BlogKick: Why Team Jackson is the best team in MMA

With rapid evolution in the sport of mixed martial arts fighters have to search for every advantage that is available to them. Whether it be shedding those extra 15 pounds, changing their diets, or traveling to a new camp, fighters are willing to do just about anything to gain the competitive edge. But the most important thing in a fighters preparation is where he trains, And now a days there is no better place to train then Jackson’s Submission fighting.
It all started in 1992 when Greg

BlogKick: MMA Needs One Super League

MMA is currently structured according to the media and entertainment aspect of it, and less so the sporting. There is no ‘MMA League’ like that of the NFL or Premiership, where all the top teams in that respective sport play each other at least once a year. The closest equivalent MMA has is the UFC. The UFC certainly boasts the most stacked and impressive roster out of any MMA promotion, but there are still so many great fighters out there that never get to fight each other.