With seven straight victories (two in the UFC), Rogério “Minotouro” Nogueira will have a tough challenge against a undefeated Ryan Bader (Winner of TUF  Season 8). The Brazilian is seeking another victory so he can get closer to the LHW belt, even thou he already knows that a victory here, will put him against the dangerous upcoming star John “Bones” Jones. On this interview for TATAME magazine, Little Nog showed a lot of respect for Bader skills:

“He his a very explosive guy, with a hard strong right! I haven’t focused on his training at the ultimate fighter house since a lot has changed between that time. He has evolved a lot, specially in his ground game. I know he will be a better fighter since last time he fought, thats why I have trained a lot and Im prepared both mentally and physically for the fight!”

Rogério also praised his training camp (Blackhouse), thanking all his trainers, coaches and sparring partners. For the preparation for this fight, he brought a big name to help him out:

“I have to thank everyone on my team for all the support and help on the training and preparation for this fight, specially Ronaldo “Jacaré” Sousa (Strikeforce Middleweight Champion) that helped me a lot on the ground game!”

Rogério also talked about the fact his brother isnt fighting on this one:

“Im sad about it. I know this things happen (injuries) but I really liked the promotion of this event when I saw the poster with me and my brother on it, with big letters displaying Nogueira and Nogueira. I think a event with me and Rogério is good for promoting since were brothers, and I hope somewhere in the future we will have another chance to fight in the same event.”

Although Rodrigo wont fight that day (he was scheduled for the main event against Mir), he will be on his brother corner as always, helping him out in the best way he can.

Both fighters seem 100% ready for this battle that will showcase the various disciplines of MMA!