Marquadt turned down the fight against Michael Bisping

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Nate “The Great” Marquadt holds an impressive record of 29-9 and is currently ranked in the top five in the middleweight division, however, Marquadt lost the number one contender fight to Sonnen at UFC 109 and then when he got the opportunity to rebound from that loss by fighting Bisping at UFC 114, he had to turn that fight down.

“They offered me Bisping for May 29th but I have a baby due on May 27th so I turned it down. I don’t want to have any regrets in life, like ‘Man, I missed my kid’s birth,’” Marquardt told today’s Fight Club Q & A session.

Nobody can doubt Marquadt decision to not take the fight, as a birth of a kid is more important than a fight as Marquadt can fight Bisping or someone else any other time. While, for Bisping he is set to face Dan Miller at UFC 114.