CM Punk Targeting Late 2015 UFC Debut

Ever since it was announced at UFC 181 that the UFC and former WWE champion CM Punk had agreed to terms on a deal, people have not stopped talking about. Many fans, fighters, and media members have different opinions on the signing, but the fact is that the signing is getting a ton of attention and that is most likely what the UFC was going for.

Many questions have arisen as to who Punk will fight in his debut and when he will actually step into the Octagon. We have gotten an answer to when the former pro wrestler will be making his debut, and it may be a while. Punk spoke with ESPN (transcribed by Bloody Elbow) regarding the topic:

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“Are you gonna hold me to this? Is everyone gonna hold me to this? We’re saying 2015, which is very vague, but that’s kind of how we want to keep it right now. It’s 100% up to me – when I feel like I’m as ready as I’m going to get, without pushing it to 2016. So it’ll probably be, at the earliest, fall. Latest, you know, sometime around this time next year.”

It may be best if Punk takes his time to prepare for his debut as he has never actually fought a mixed martial arts bout before. It will be interesting who the UFC gives him in his first fight and if he can have any success, which most are doubting. It seems as if Punk has not yet decided which camp he will train at, and that will most definitely play a huge part in if he is successful or not.

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Despite whatever your opinion is on the Punk signing, it’s hard to say you’re not intrigued. I assume that many will tune in to see him fight whenever that is just to see what happens. Do you think the former pro wrestler can do anything special inside of the Octagon?

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