Watch: Heavyweight Boxer Knocked Silly Outside Of Ring During Fight

Heavyweight Boxer Knocked Silly
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We’ve seen some pretty incredible things inside of the boxing ring this year, but Cassius Chaney may have taken the cake tonight (Sat. July 20, 2019) against Joel Caudle on Top Rank Boxing.

Chaney met Caudle on the preliminary card at heavyweight. The action was over in the first round, but not without a theatrical finish. Chaney actually stunned Caudle so bad that he fell outside of the ring and onto the floor. However, that wasn’t the actual finish of the fight. Caudle got to his feet and got back inside the ring, beating the 10 count, and even continued to fight after that.

Ultimately, he was so hurt that there was no way Chaney wasn’t going to put the fight away right then and there. The fight was subsequently waved off at 1:52 in favor of Chaney. Check out the ridiculous sequence here:

What do you think about Caudle getting knocked outside the ring by Chaney in their preliminary card meeting?

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