ZIf you missed it, as most fans probably did, the World Series of Fighting held its sixth event at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Florida, this past Saturday and with it, its inaugural welterweight title match between Josh Burkman and Steve Carl.

Although not a great fight, it was nonetheless, not bad. Burkman put up a good fight and probably won the first and third rounds, but looked to tire early in the fight and was, for the most part, out grappled in the contest. Burkman looked to keep the fight standing but was unable to keep it on the feet and although he had some success on the ground, he proved to be no match for the Carl on the ground. When the fourth came, Carl got the fight to the ground quickly and began looking for submissions off of his back. With two minutes off the clock, Carl was able to sink in a triangle choke and Burkman was done. Tapping at the 1:02 mark of the fourth, Carl was declared the WSOF welterweight champion.

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSXizEgXrA5Fm1The Jon Fitch fight was, for the most part, the same old Fitch fight that we’ve always seen. It was a grind and a clinch fest, that saw Fitch lose the first round, possibly lose the second, only to have his opponent begin to tire and allow Jon to open up, win the third and walk away with a split decision.

The bad news for Fitch and regardless of Bas Rutten‘s comments to the contrary during the broadcast, is that his game hasn’t evolved or changed since his last fight. He is still the same old Jon Fitch and his performance on Saturday was another worker bee effort and not very thrilling to watch. The good news for Fitch is, as always, that he gets stronger and looser as the fight wears on, and that his gas tank is still pretty deep. Beyond that, it snaps Fitch’s two fight losing streak and places him back in the win column.

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All things considered, someone over at the WSOF needs to become aware of the UFC’s and Bellator’s scheduling and not compete with it. Regardless of how good their card might have been or the fact that they had marquee fighters on it, they cannot standout when placed up against the senior promotions.

Here are the results of the evening and the highlights from the afore mentioned fights.   

Main Card Results:

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Steve Carl defeats Josh Burkman via submission at (1:02) of 4th round; claims the WSOF welterweight belt.

Marlon Moraes defeats Carson Beebe via TKO at the 0:32 mark of 1st round.

Jon Fitch defeats Marcelo Alfaya via split decision.

Justin Gaethje defeats Dan Lauzon via TKO at the 1:40 mark of 2nd round.

Prliminary Card Results:

Pablo Alfonso defeats Miguel Torres via submission at the 3:05 mark of the 1st round

Luiz Firmino defeats Jacob Volkmann via unanimous decision.

Francisco France vs. Hans Stringer was ruled a draw.

Chad Robichaux defeats Andrew Yates via submission at 4:09 marks of round two.

Josh Rettinghouse defeats Alexis Vila via unanimous decision.

Nick LoBosco defeats Fabio Mello via knockout at 2:12 mark of 1st round.

Alexandre Pimentel defeats Jade Porter via submission at 3:05 mark of 3rd round