Deontay Wilder: I Seen Tyson Fury’s Eyes Roll Back Into His Head

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Deontay Wilder uncorked a hellacious knockdown in Los Angeles’ Staples Center last weekend.

Wilder was defending his WBC heavyweight title against lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. In the 12th round, Wilder got off a spectacular combination that sent the Englishman crashing down to the canvas.

Many believed Wilder had picked up the knockout win, but somehow, despite looking like he had initially been rendered unconscious, Fury made it to his feet. He was able to stand toe-to-toe with Wilder in order to finish the fight. In the end, everything about the contest was controversial.

The majority of viewers believed Fury, despite being knocked down twice and nearly being finished, out-boxed the American. Also, there’s criticism that the referee didn’t count fast enough when Fury was nearly knocked out. The assertion that the fight should’ve immediately been waved off has also been made.

Wilder has certainly given his position on the matter. After seeing Fury’s eyes roll back into his own head, “The Bronze Bomber” believes the fight should’ve been waved off (via Boxing Scene):

“We seen what he could do, what he was able to do, especially with that get-up,” Wilder said. “That still surprises me. I seen this guy’s eyes roll slowly in the back of his head. And many people felt that should’ve been waved off. Nine out of 10 refs would’ve waved that off.

“I’ve seen many times where they’ve done waved that off. Look at my brother, Malik Scott, when he fought Dereck Chisora. Malik was on his knees at nine, stood up at 10 and they waved it off immediately. I felt like the count was very slow. I felt like there was a lot of delays in there.”

Best In The Game

Wilder clarified he’d stop complaining because of the impact the fight had. The knockout hitter believes he and Fury proved they are clearly the best heavyweights in boxing as of right now:

“But I’m not gonna complain, because we put the heavyweight division on notice, and we did it with me and Fury. It’s not about no other guys or nothing like that. Me and Fury did it like true champions. We came together, we conversated amongst each other and we got this fight done, without involving all the other extra stuff.

“Because we are the best in the division and we wanted to prove to each other who is the best in the heavyweight division. We came in and did that, and it was amazing, and I’m ready to do it again.”

Check out Wilder’s knockdown in question below: