What Happens If Ovince St. Preux Beats Jon Jones?

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Put some meat on those ‘Bones’

Perhaps a loss to OSP would signal Jon Jones’ time for a change in weight class. Without disrespecting St. Preux with this statement, it might show that Jones’ body is just getting too naturally big to cut down to 205 pounds any more. Let’s be honest, the guy is huge, and Jones has been linked to a move up in to the 265ers for some time now. He has plenty of willing fights up there, and why stay at light-heavyweight if there’s no chance of regaining the belt?

Of course a move to heavyweight has a whole new set of factors to mull over, such as the sudden loss of his size and reach advantage, on the most part. Suddenly ‘Bones’ would be in a one punch KO division, where a jab can even finish the fight, and he’s not a one strike finisher by any means. Of course his additional power gained from having packed on more muscle may have changed that, but it may also have altered his ability to cut back to light-heavyweight too. Intriguing stuff no doubt.

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