What Happens If Nate Diaz Destroys Conor McGregor Again?

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Food for thought

Just a little off the beaten path here, but does anyone think the scenario surrounding McGregor and Diaz feels familiar? Here’s the trail of thought; remember when the ‘baddest man on the planet’ Brock Lesnar was supposed to steamroll ex-champion Frank Mir? The UFC was more than aware of Lesnar’s star power, as the ex-WWE champion brought millions of eyeballs over from the pro wrestling game. They booked him in against Mir, but things didn’t quite go to plan.

In the first round at UFC 81, Mir submitted Lesnar to throw a spanner in Zuffa’s plans, only to get rebooked against Lesnar at the next milestone event, in UFC 100. History repeats itself with the circumstances around Conor and Nate, but will it at UFC 200?

Anyway, back to the outcomes.