Wrestling is not based out of one particular country alone. Every country has its form of wrestling based on their cultural setting. Wrestling mania is the entertainment version of the game where larger than life characters wrestle on stage. The WWE cards were one of the hottest selling properties at one point in time. There are a lot of other facts that you are unaware of. A knowledge of these facts makes you want to play a game of wrestling. 

  • Wrestling is mentioned as one of the foundational sports of the Olympics. Back in the year 1896 in Athens when Ancient Olympics was invented, was the first-ever game to come into force. 
  • The game has been mentioned in mythology as well. It is said that a Greek god took over the reins of the earth after winning a game of wrestling. 
  • Wrestling is known as Oil Wrestling in Turkey and it is the national game. The wrestlers smear oil all over their body and play the game of wrestling. This game of wrestling in the past could go on for days and days, but since 1975, the game was restricted only to about 40 minutes. 
  • Wrestling is conducted between the various colleges. It is in existence for more than 100 years. Wrestling is best played within the boundaries of the classroom. 
  • Wrestling was announced in freestyle form in the year 1994. The game of women wrestling in freestyle was included in the Olympics in the year 2004. The United States of America holds the pride of winning a lot of medals in the Olympics. The Americans love watching this sport on Television and other forms of media by sniffing on some goodies bought from the online vape shop
  • Wrestling has its roots in the European lands. The cave paintings in France and Germany hold images depicting the game of Wrestling. The ancient Greeks played the game of wrestling with full josh and the ancient Greeks eliminated all the flaws that existed in the game of wrestling and spread it across the world. The royal families in Great Britain, France, Germany played a game of wrestling. When the Europeans migrated to the New foundland of America, they took this sport along with them. The colonizers made this sport popular in Asian countries. The game of wrestling has been mentioned in the Bible as well. 
  • Wrestling played in Japan is more on the harder side involving a lot of punches and kicks. The wrestling played in countries like the USA involves a lot of theatrics. 
  • Even before the sporting equipment was developed, the oldest sporting event to have been in existence on the planet is wrestling. The game of wrestling doesn’t require any sort of equipment, but it just needs pure physical strength and the ability to withstand the fight. 

Just like there is a federation for maintaining all the other sports, there is a separate federation to manage Wrestling as well under which 135 nations are a part of it. One can go on and on speaking of this excellent game.