Video: Khabib Nurmagomedov Wrestles Another Bear

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UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is tentatively slated to face interim champion Dustin Poirier in his UFC return this September.

Before he does, he met up with an old friend for some light training. One of the most well-told legends about the undefeated ‘Eagle’ is his infamous wrestling of a bear cub back when he was a young boy. Footage of the showdown has been circling for years as a testament to Khabib’s peerless wrestling background.

It seems Khabib wanted to recreate that scene, as he squared off with another bear cub this week. He posted a photo of the encounter with the following caption to his official Instagram:

“With my old friend.”

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With my old friend 🐻 ✋🤚

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A video of Khabib wrestling with the small bear also surfaced from Red Fury MMA:

The encounter was a largely playful one with Khabib’s friends looking on. It never got too violent. ‘The Eagle’ even gave his furry friend a healthy snack at the end of the video.

None of his Octagon opponents have received the same treatment, however, evident by his spotless 27-0 record.

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