VIDEO | Former World Champion Boxer Drops Internet Troll

Former world boxing champion drops internet troll
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A former world boxing champion has floored an internet troll who had been abusing him online.

Gavin Rees was once the WBA super-lightweight world champion and fought the likes of Adrien Broner and Anthony Crolla.

“The Rock” retired in 2014, finishing his 16-year professional fight career with a record of 38 wins, four defeats, and one draw.

Since calling it a day, Rees has not sparred or seriously trained. Instead, he’s opted to help mold the up and coming boxing stars as a coach.

The former champion has now happily put the gloves back on and got into the ring for one last time to take on an unlikely opponent.

The 39-year-old retired athlete had been the victim of persistent online abuse from an internet troll, who he eventually invited down to the gym for a sparring session.

Amazingly the troll showed up and things went as you’d expect them to go. In the video you see Rees cover up and let his opponent fire off a few shots. Unfazed, he then returns with a nasty body shot of his own which immediately floors the troll and ends the fight.

The sparring clip was posted on social media by Rees wrote the following message alongside side it. “Only sparred once in the last four years Been constantly abused on Facebook by some rude Took less than 30seconds to shut him up Danny Slug think before u open that trap again This old man ain’t out yet.” Check out the full video posted by Rees below.

Deontay Wilder famously also got his revenge on an internet troll back in 2014. After years of firing abuse at Wilder online, Charlies Zelenoff agreed to spar the future heavyweight world champion, with disastrous consequences. According to reports at the time, Zelenoff signed a legal waiver preventing him from suing for any damage suffered. Check out the clip below.

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