Video: Deontay Wilder Reacts To Tyson Fury Standing Up After Brutal Knockdown

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Deontay Wilder reacts in a great way once he was able to knock down Tyson Fury with some brutal shots but only to see his opponent get right back up. This fight took place on December 1, 2018, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and aired on PPV.

Boxing was back at it again as it was able to end this fight in intriguing fashion. The fight with the WBC heavyweight title up for grabs ended in a split decision draw. The scorecard saw 115–111 for Wilder while 114–112 for Fury.

The decision was highly controversial as the majority of people thought that Fury got it done with 115-111 on the scorecards. Near the end of the fight was epic as Wilder knocked down Fury in the ninth round then dropped him again with a right-left combo that completely flattened Fury in the last round. Now, it appears that a rematch is going to happen.

At first, it looked like a knockout finish with fans in amazement to what they just saw. However, once referee Jack Reese started a 10 count, somehow Fury managed to get back to his feet. He did it like it was a no big deal situation.

As a result, it caught Wilder in amazement as well and cameras were able to capture this great moment.