Victorio Senduk Excited for Showdown With Phoe Thaw

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Victorio “Indra” Senduk is finally returning to action after several months on the sidelines when he faces Phoe “Bushido” Thaw in Shanghai on 15 June.

The first preliminary match of ONE: LEGENDARY QUEST between the Indonesian’s wushu and the Thaw’s lethwei is a potential striking match and may just win the bout of the night.

“I prefer a stand-up fight, and I might be more aggressive than him. However, I will not be careless, so I can maintain my stamina,” Senduk said. “I have learned to adapt to whatever is going on in the match, and adjust my game plan to control the fight.”

Indra is ready for anything Thaw will throw at him, knowing the Indonesian can knock him out in the opening minutes and is able to perform at a high level for a 15-minute bout.

“Phoe Thaw is taller than me, and he’s a good competitor. He is a striker, and has very good counters,” Senduk said. “I had the chance to see several of his fights in ONE, including the last one against Yohan Mulia Legowo. It can be said that he is tenacious and tough.”

Senduk, the only Indonesian competing on the card, is excited to give his countrymen a reason to celebrate and cheer next Saturday. He also considers this a defining match that will prove that an athlete at his age can still go toe-to-toe with the best.

“Representing Indonesia is nothing new to me, but I definitely still feel pride and [want to earn] its respect,” Senduk concluded.

“This bout is also to prove that I still have that energy and can still perform on an international stage, even though I have reached 37 years old. It is crucial for my career, as I wish to show that age is not a limitation if we have the talent. It is not just about sports, but we are also igniting the younger generations as our successors in mixed martial arts,” he added.

“This will show that while the seniors can still fight, they would be able to do the same. I hope they become inspired and bring this sport into its peak for all athletes.”

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