Every sports fan has one league they follow the most. For many MMA fans, it’s not a league but an organization: the UFC. Launched in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Competition is presently the biggest MMA promoter in the word.

Needless to say, the UFC attracts the most talented fighters in the world. The athletes fight for real—not the scripted entertainment other organizations offer. In other words, the UFC promotes a real sport, a sport you can bet on.

Speaking of betting, this article delves more on the 10 most unique things to bet on in the UFC.

#1: Method of Victory

One of the most unique predictions you can make in the UFC is to predict the method of victory. Typically, most MMA competitions end in one of the following ways:

  • Knockout (KO)

An athlete can knock out his or her opponent, forcing the referee to end a fight instantly. Interestingly, more than a third of all UFC fights in 2021 ended in a knockout. 

Beware, though, predicting a knockout isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to analyze two competitors in detail to determine one of them is superior enough to defeat his opponent via a KO.

  • Technical Knockout (TKO)

A technical knockout isn’t exactly a KO. However, many UFC betting sites categorize knockouts together with technical knockouts. This way, you win money whether a fight is declared a KO or a TKO.

So, what exactly is a TKO? It’s a blow or strike with such a devastating impact, the match official decides to end the fight in favor of the striker. Referees call TKOs to protect athletes who’ve been hit hard and could suffer unnecessary damage if the fight were to continue.

  • Submission

Your favorite Dagestani fighter is probably an expert at submissions. We’re talking of the likes of Abdul Nurmagomedov, Khamzat Chimaev, Abubakar Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev.

That being said, submissions involve subduing an opponent to the point of tapping out. 

  • Decisions

This is fairly straightforward. It’s a prediction on whether a UFC bout will be decided by judges. Most fighters fight hard to win through a submission or a knockout. Nonetheless, there are plenty of UFC fights decided by judges every year.

#2: Proposition Bets

If you want to bet on something unique in the UFC, look for proposition bets. Many of them involve random outcomes. However, you can win correctly if you follow UFC betting news regularly. 

  • Inside Decision

This prediction is simple. Will a fighter win inside decision or will the fight go the distance? For clarity, the distance means fighting until the final whistle. In turn, the fight is decided by judges.

  • Will player X fight in 2022?

Let’s face it. There are plenty of inactive MMA athletes out there. Some of them claim to have retired. But as well know, UFC fighters love to retire and un-retire. In light of that information, bookies always give punters the choice to predict which inactive player will get back to action this year.

  • Method + Round Combo

Another unique prop bet in the MMA is centered on two things—how a match ends and in which round. Let’s say you want to bet on the match between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane on the 23rd.

You have the chance to predict which of the two heavyweights will win. More importantly, you can predict the method of winning and the round. You could say Ngannou in Round 3 by KO/TKO.

Or you could back Gane to win by points. In this case, you don’t need to specify the round because points take place after all rounds are done. 

#3: Point Spread

We’ve already mentioned a significant percentage of UFC matches run the distance, meaning they’re decided by judges. Here’s more. You can predict the point difference between the winner and the loser.

Going back to the Ngannou versus Ciryl fight, you could pick your winner. And if you think the match will go the distance, you can predict Ngannou or Ciryl wins by +3.5 or -3.5 points.

Why place a point spread? More money—predicting a spread bet is more challenging than picking the outright winner. There’s a caveat, though. The fact that it’s challenging to predict the point difference in a UFC match also increases the risk of losing.

#4: Draws

 Did you know a UFC match can end in a draw? Five years ago, it was rare for a fighting match to conclude in a tie. Lately, more matches have been ending in draws due to UFC rule changes.

However, many betting experts recommend against this wager type. It rarely happens, so much that most UFC fans don’t actually know it can happen.

 To provide some perspective, the bout between Ngannou and Ciryl has +6600 to end in a draw. This means bookies actually don’t believe a draw will happen. But then again, people who bet on draws count on the tiny chance it could happen.

#5: UFC Champion Specials

Champion specials are self-explanatory. They are bets on who will lift the Welterweight, Middleweight, Lightweight, heavyweight or any other category in the UFC.

Although it’s not always easy to predict a UFC champion, odds for these specials aren’t always great. This is especially true when an athlete is defending his or her title. 

#6: UFC Rematches

It’s common knowledge lots of UFC fights attract rematches. Now, betting websites give you a chance to predict whether a competition will lead to a rematch. 

In many cases, bouts attract rematches if they are entertaining or there was no clear winner. You can also look at statistics to get an idea of which fighters tend to sign rematches regularly.

Your Turn

There are plenty of things you can bet on in the UFC. Most people wager on money lines—who will win? If you’re looking to bet on something unique, though, consider the bet types we’ve mentioned above.

Most of these bet types involves a little bit of research. But if you’re correct, you can win a lot more money than betting money lines.