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The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the world’s largest MMA promotion and LowKickMMA provides daily UFC news and exclusives.  Beginning in 1993 the UFC introduced organized and sanctioned MMA to the United States. The promotion set out with the goal of finding the ultimate fighting champion pitting all disciplines of martial arts against each other in a tournament-style with a champion crowned on the night.

Since then the UFC and its ruleset have evolved to what you see today. A rankings system where fighters compete climbing the rankings to attain a championship belt. With health and safety for their athletes being a number one priority, The UFC in 2015 partnered with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to independently monitor testing of its athletes.

Producing the largest stars in the MMA space such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Nate Diaz and Jon Jones, The UFC continues to cement itself as the premier organization in the sport and as the largest Pay-Per-View event provider in the world.

Here at LowKick MMA we provide you with all the latest updates from the worlds leading mixed martial arts organization.

Did Brock turn you?

Did Brock Gain your respect or do you still fell the same?

Shane Carwin: My cardio was fine, but not my body

I appreciate the out pouring of support and everyone who showed up at The Foundation Room last night after the fight. You guys know how to make a man feel like a winner even on his lowest of days. I really do want to thank #TeamCarwin. You guys pushed me up this mountain and many of you have been with me for a long time. I will need your help to climb back to the top so I appreciate you standing by.The game plan last night was to be patient and let the fight come to you. When I had him in trouble

Dana White: UFC 116 was literally the best night of my career

UFC President Dana White was more than happy with UFC 116, claiming that the event was "literally the best night of his career". White stated he was happy with the level of the fights, and of course with the performance put by the main eventers Shane Carwin and still the UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

How Long can StrikeForce Last?

After Fedors' 1st round Loss to Werdum what is truly left for Strikeforce?  It was a cold night for Fedor fans watching their champion fall in only 69 seconds of the first round. That 69 sec could of been the fall of an empire built almost overnight.  StrikeForce signs a deal with CBS and tried to go head to head with the UFC. They volley for Fedor and StrikeForce wins the Match. The Russian Born Fighter was thrown to the wolves and this is the begining of the downward demise of

Petruzelli The Kimbo Killer loses in his UFC Return

His UFC record is now 0-3

Who deserves submision of the night

With UFC 116 which promised alot of KO, surpisinly was a night of submissions. So who deserved submission of the night.

UFC 116 Lesnar vs Carwin post-fight press conference

UFC 116: Lesnar vs Carwin post-fight press conference takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, immediately after last combatants leave the Octagon. The press conference discusses the fights at UFC 116, and their aftermath. UFC President Dana White, as well as the UFC 116 winners (and some of the losers) are present at the press conference. Make sure you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer before viewing the stream.The post-fight press conference will begin around

UFC116 weigh in results.


Lesnar to make 10 times more money then Carwin

This is what Star power gets you!!

Gilbert Melendez: Eddie Alvarez is the guy to fight outside of the UFC

The Strikeforce Lightweight Champion talks about Jake Shields' departure from Strikeforce, the state of the Lightweight division outside of the UFC