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ufcLowKickMMA has been bringing you UFC news since 2006.

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the world’s largest MMA promotion and LowKickMMA provides daily UFC news and exclusives.  Beginning in 1993 the UFC introduced organized and sanctioned MMA to the United States. The promotion set out with the goal of finding the ultimate fighting champion pitting all disciplines of martial arts against each other in a tournament-style with a champion crowned on the night.

Since then the UFC and its ruleset have evolved to what you see today. A rankings system where fighters compete climbing the rankings to attain a championship belt. With health and safety for their athletes being a number one priority, The UFC in 2015 partnered with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to independently monitor testing of its athletes.

Producing the largest stars in the MMA space such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Nate Diaz and Jon Jones, The UFC continues to cement itself as the premier organization in the sport and as the largest Pay-Per-View event provider in the world.

Here at LowKick MMA we provide you with all the latest updates from the worlds leading mixed martial arts organization.

Rampage could be Michael Bisping’s secret weapon agains Silva

Michael Bisping, who is set to fight Wanderlei Silva on Feburary 20th in UFC 110, trains with the former Lightheavy Weight Champion, Rampage Jackson, who has fought Wanderlei three times and could provide valuable information to Bisping in order to win his fight. Rampage has fought Wanderlei in two different occasions in Pride, losing both of those fights, however, Rampage was able to avenge those loses by knocking out Wanderlei Silva in UFC 92. Currently Rampage is training his friend/training parter

Rampage gives his thoughts on Wanderlei vs Bisping

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson discussed the bad blood between him and "The Axe Murderer", and what might be the key for Bisping's victory against him at the co-main event of UFC 110. Rampage and Wanderlei fought each other twice in Pride (Silva ko'd Rampage in both occasions), before Jackson knocked out cold Silva at UFC 92 last year.

Wand Shuts up Bisping in Confrence

Wanderlei tells Bisping to shut up!

Patrick Cote back to training for the fight against "The Talent" Belcher at UFC...

Patrick "The Predator" Cote, who has not fought since 2008, is back in the gym training for his big comeback fight against Alan Belcher on UFC 113. Cote was the first fighter to survive three rounds with Anderson Silva in the UFC, before he injured his knee fighting "The Spider".

Chris Lytle faces a tough challenge in Brian Foster at UFC 110

Chris has been talking about how he feels to be fighting in the UFC 110 event against Dangerous Brian Foster.

Big Ben Backs Out!

Ben Rothwell has dropped out of his UFC 110 matchup against Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic.

Rothwell Out Of 110, Sinosic vs Hanseman Cancelled

Just two days before UFC made its debut in Australia, Ben Rothwell has fallen ill and will not be able to fight Cro Cop on Feb 20th. Rothwell's illness is currently disclosed. Anthony Perosh replaces ill Ben Rothwell. Perosh has not fought in the UFC since 2006 but he is currently 5-2 in the Cage Fighting Championship organization. Elvin Sinosic sustained a shoulder injury during training forcing him to pull out of the fight. Instead of replacing the injured Sinosic UFC has decided to completely pull the

Mirko Cro Cop faces Perosh at UFC 110, as Ben Rothwell falls ill

Some major changes to Saturday's UFC 110 event have been announced with 48 hours left until the event.

Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping talks about his haters

Bisping has been in Australia recently and he has been speaking out about his 'Haters'.

How Demian Maia became the number one contender

Damian Maia was recently announced as the replacement to the injured Vitor Belfort, to fight Anderson Silva for the Middleweight Championship on April 10 on UFC 112. This announcement took the mma world by suprise as Maia recently lost to Nate, his first ever career loss. When asked Dana White what factors resulted in Damian Maia getting the title shot, he had this to say; "These guys are fighting now and Demian Maia's one of the best in the world," said White. "Obviously the guy who should get that shot