UFC All-Time Stats Leaders & Record Holders-The Complete List

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aka cain velasquez ufc stats

Striking Differential (Min. 5 fights)

1Cain Velasquez3.92
2Alistair Overeem3.47
3Todd Duffee3.20
4TJ Dillashaw3.18
5Nikita Krylov2.82
6Johnny Bedford2.78
7Cyrille Diabate2.66
8Patrick Cummins2.61
9Conor McGregor2.43
10Georges St-Pierre2.39

In terms of hitting and not getting hit, it’s once again the Mexican former heavyweight boss Velasuez with the top spot. ‘CV’ started life as a wrestler in the world of sports, but has clearly evolved in to a very complete martial artist.

Alistair Overeem and Todd Duffee rack up good totals, and note that Conor McGregor has surpassed former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at the bottom end of the scale.

So how about defense?

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