UFC All-Time Stats Leaders & Record Holders-The Complete List

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frankie edgar ufc stats

Longest Total Fight Time (includes pre-UFC 28)

1 Frankie Edgar 5:35:21
2 Georges St-Pierre 5:28:12
3 BJ Penn 5:18:07
4 Tito Ortiz 5:00:53
5 Michael Bisping 4:55:04
6 Gleison Tibau 4:51:15
7 Randy Couture 4:41:50
8 Diego Sanchez 4:37:57
9 Clay Guida 4:30:32
10 Jeremy Stephens 4:16:53

Frankie Edgar is miles ahead of the competition in this category, having seen the judge’s scorecards 12 times since joining the UFC in 2007, with seven of those decisions coming in five round fights.

With most of the top five now out of action, Edgar’s closest match is British slugger Michael Bisping.


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