UFC All-Time Stats Leaders & Record Holders-The Complete List

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Ronda Rousey UFC stats

Shortest Average Fight Time (min. 5 fights)

1Drew McFedries2:20
2James Irvin2:53
3Ronda Rousey3:00
4Todd Duffee3:18
5Yancy Medeiros3:48
6Thiago Santos3:49
7Frank Trigg3:55
8Nikita Krylov3:58
9Luke Rockhold4:08
10Houston Alexander4:13

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is the fastest average fight time among current UFC fighters, but James Irvin and Drew McFedries, both former UFC athletes, top the list officially.

More often than not it was the speed in which they lost that sees McFedries and ‘The Sandman’ at the top of this category, which makes Rousey’s top three placement all the more impressive when you consider the fact she’s undefeated.

So who has the longest fight time? I’ll give you a clue; it isn’t Georges St-Pierre…..

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