UFC 200 Predictions: Did Anyone Pick Brock Or ‘The Spider?’

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Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt:

Mike Drahota:

I’m amped up for the return of Lesnar, who will most certainly evoke fond memories of 2009’s UFC 100 for many longtime fans. It’s a great signing and a perfect hype-drawing return. However, I’m not sure the match-up is quite as intelligent in and of itself. While Lesnar was somewhat dominant during his run as champion, he obviously displayed a stark dislike of being punched in the face, which isn’t exactly the most desired quality of a UFC heavyweight – especially one facing the most powerful puncher in the history of the UFC.

‘The Super Samoan’ hasn’t maintained the most stellar takedown defense, so there is certainly the chance that Lesnar shakes off the rust of four-and-a-half years away from MMA and shows up fully recovered from the diverticulitis than he feels stole much of his fighting prime to ground Hunt and take home the emphatic win. But based on Hunt’s recent results and seemingly never-ending resume of walk-off knockouts, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have to go with Hunt by first-round KO.

Rory Kernaghan:

Brock Lesnar’s chances against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 have been massively debated, but in reality I feel he has a slim to no possibility of winning. You have an explosive and athletic giant in Lesnar against an explosive hitter in Hunt. ‘The Super Samoan’ is a highly decorated striker, and let’s be honest, Lesnar is no longer a fighter. Put aside the fact he is a pro-wrestler, or that he doesn’t like getting hit in the face, here’s a guy that hasn’t had an actual fight in five years, and now he’s making a comeback on five weeks notice against a knockout artist? Forget about it. Walk-off KO by Mark Hunt in round one.

Mike Henken:

I may not be siding with the masses here, but I truly feel as if Lesnar will get the win in Vegas. It’s hard to tell where he’s at during this stage of his career after having not competed since 2011, and he will without question be at a serious striking disadvantage against legendary knockout artist Hunt, but I’m confident in him nonetheless. I don’t think the layoff will have too much effect on Lesnar’s world-class wrestling, and if he lands a takedown, I don’t see Hunt surviving. Of course if Hunt connects it could be over early, but I expect Lesnar’s top game to end the night. Lesnar by first-round TKO.

Jon Fuentes:

‘The Beast’ is back. Brock Lesnar is taking a break from his current duties with the WWE to test the waters in an Octagon return against devastating knockout artist Mark Hunt. Lesnar is jumping into a fight with a man who is one of the most decorated strikers in UFC history, all while being away from the sport for nearly five years.

There is no doubt that Lesnar possesses some nasty power of his own, and is a freak of an athlete who is a tremendously dominant wrestler. If Lesnar can find a way to get Hunt to the ground it could get interesting, but for now I can’t see this fight going any other way than Lesnar shooting in for a takedown and eating an uppercut on the expressway to an early nap. Hunt via R1 KO.

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