UFC 200: Five Reasons McGregor vs. Diaz II Is The Right Move

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5) The money

At the end of the day, the UFC, McGregor, and Diaz, are all in this for the money. With no title on the line, or even an ounce of divisional meaning, filling up the bank account is everyone’s first priority.

Can you blame them?

We all know this rematch is going to break all sorts of records. People will tune in to see if McGregor can learn from his mistakes and adopt a new gameplan for 170 pounds. Others will buy UFC 200 in hopes of seeing Diaz yet again stick a big middle finger to the company and its biggest star.

But anyway you split it, the outcome is financially potent for all parties involved. McGregor and Diaz will both make another purse in the millions (with the Irishman earning the bigger piece of the pie), and the promotion can gear up for what may end of producing 2,000,000 PPV buys.

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