UFC 200: Five Reasons McGregor vs. Diaz II Is The Right Move

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4) Solidifying McGregor’s future outside of featherweight division

The fact of the matter is that McGregor isn’t going to stay at 145-pounds his entire career. Heck, he might never return to the division that made him an international superstar in under three years.

While he does owe a little bit to the eager group of featherweight contenders (Edgar, Aldo, Chad Mendes and Max Holloway), the Irishman absolutely beats up his body to cut the weight needed to compete at that level. Just 24 hours before fight night and McGregor looks like he’s been stranded on an island for years.

That said, it’s key that the UFC and McGregor work towards a situation in which is future outside of the featherweight division is one with unlimited possibilities. Stepping back up to 170 pounds, defeating Diaz, and once again holding a sense of invincibility over anyone and everyone from lightweight to welterweight, is the best case scenario.

Of course, the promotion is taking a big gamble. Because if McGregor is unable to get past Diaz for a second time, he’d probably never be able to dip his toes in the welterweight pool ever again.

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