UFC 200: Five Reasons McGregor vs. Diaz II Is The Right Move

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3) Edgar vs. Aldo II perfect consolation prize

Through all of this madness surrounding a McGregor vs. Diaz rematch, the UFC featherweight division is once again left without its champion.

In the past, this would cause an unavoidable domino effect that essentially put the entire weight class on ice. But if McGregor decides to bypass his first title defense to give welterweight another go-round, it wouldn’t be that bad for deserving top contenders Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, at least as far as the UFC is concerned.

Bottom line, with no McGregor the promotion can finally book Aldo vs. Edgar II, a rematch that has been so desperately needed at the 145-pound level since the two initially locked horns back at UFC 156 (Aldo won via unanimous decision).

The winner would finally put the nail in the coffin and welcome McGregor back to the division sometime in early 2017, unless the champ is able to make a quick turnaround and fight in November when the promotion finally makes its debut in New York.

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