UFC 200: Five Reasons McGregor vs. Diaz II Is The Right Move

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2) UFC must ride Diaz’s momentum

As much as McGregor deserves a rematch with Diaz, the UFC also needs to ride every ounce of momentum that the California striker earned when he beat the corporate golden boy at UFC 196.

Despite a rather fan-friendly fighting style and ability to make every bout Fight-of-the-Night quality, Diaz has unexpectedly flown under the company radar for far too long. He has been overshadowed by big brother Nick and has been an unfortunate product of a fighter who speaks his mind and refuses to conform to a life of business.

While the promotion was banking, and hoping, that McGregor would defeat Diaz in dramatic fashion back on Mar. 5, they are consequently left with one of the biggest overnight stars in the history of the sport. Because no matter how well known Diaz was among hardcore fans before his victory over McGregor, he’s never been as popular as he is right now.

If the UFC didn’t take this opportunity to further expand his marketability and financial potential, they wouldn’t be doing their job as a combat promotion.

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