Tyson Fury Clarifies MMA Aspirations, Wants Modified Boxing Match With UFC Champ

Tyson Fury
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Lineal heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has been talking a lot about a potential mixed martial arts (MMA) career as of late. However, fans may have misinterpreted his aspirations.

Fury has been filmed training MMA with the likes of top-ranked UFC middleweight and fellow Englishman Darren Till. Till had nothing but good things to say about his training session with Fury, who is preparing to challenge Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight title next month. A rematch of the pair’s initial fight in December of 2018.

“The Gypsy King” also suggested that he could be training with Conor McGregor next, as he attempts to make more connections in the MMA world. When asked about the possibility of having Fury fight in the UFC, president Dana White sounded somewhat interested, but couldn’t understand why Fury would want to leave the world of boxing, in which he is one of the best heavyweights in the world and making ridiculous money, to pursue a sport that he’d need years to develop in.

Well, in a recent interview with ESPN Radio, Fury cleared some things up regarding his MMA talk. Fury doesn’t want to do full-on MMA; which includes wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and kicks, on top of boxing. Instead, he wants to face whoever the UFC’s heavyweight champion of the world is at the time, inside a cage, in a boxing match with MMA gloves. (H/T Bloody Elbow)

“I don’t want to go into an MMA fight, rolling around the floor and all that, no. But I would fight one of their champions in small gloves,” Fury said. “Maybe in a cage, but with boxing rules. I think that would be very interesting. … With UFC gloves, the little 4-ounce gloves, that would be good for me.”

Fury added that, after his fight with Wilder, he plans on sitting down and discussing business with Dana White to see if they can come to an arrangement on a bout.

”After I beat Deontay Wilder next month, I’m going to have a sit-down with Dana [White] and we’re going to go for it, run some numbers and see if the fight makes sense. Whoever’s available from that side, and whoever’s willing to get their ass kicked in the cage by the heavyweight champion of the world, he’s the one I want.”

Fury could be looking at a lot of opportunities if he makes it past Wilder next month, as there are talks he could take part in WrestleMania with the WWE if he emerges victorious as well. Whatever Fury decides to do next, one thing is for certain. The world will definitely be watching.

What do you think about Fury wanting a modified boxing match against a UFC star inside the Octagon?

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