MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, has become very popular across the globe in the past few decades. Ever since Howard Rosenberg used this term for the very first time in 1993, the MMA has been placed on a path to becoming one of the fastest-growing sports. 

It’s undeniable that more and more people are eager to become part of the audience of a mixed martial arts event. However, it’s not just the fans. Each year the number of professional athletes who are interested in participating in an MMA fight is rising. 

This resulted in a growing interest in special academies, training sessions, and camps that people can attend in order to become professional fighters. In this article, we will cover the top places where you can apply for highly-specialized MMA training sessions. 

Jackson’s MMA

Before we dive into detail, it’s important to point out the fact that MMA hasn’t yet become a part of college sports. So for students who are aiming at getting their scholarships with this sport, it can be very difficult to find a college with such an option. But that doesn’t mean that MMA doesn’t require a lot of dedication and practice. If you are like most college students who spend most of their time exploring the best casino payouts or hanging out with their friends, then you should know that mixed martial arts will require a lot of sacrifice and commitment. So be sure you are up for the task. With that being said we can move on to the first place where you can bring your MMA skills to perfection.

Established in the 90s in New Mexico, by the legendary fighter Greg Jackson, Jackson’s MMA is one of the top places where you can practice your fighting skills. In this camp, you can focus on kickboxing, BJJ, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. From equipment to professional personal trainers, it’ll provide you with everything you need to become a pro-MMA fighter. Famous fighters like Tom Watson and Shane Carwin visit Jackson’s MMA camp whenever they’re preparing for the next event. 


AKA, or the American Kickboxing Academy, is the place where both professional and amateur fighter decides to go. Next to kickboxing, this academy offers programs that include other martial arts as well. In this academy, skilled trainers take on beginners, as well as professional athletes who want to give mixed martial arts a chance. It’s also the place that trained many famous fighters even before they became popular, like Jon Fitch. So, if you are in California, this is the place to go. 

Black House MMA

Every MMA event is unique, only because each event has a different set of participants. One cannot know for sure who will win, so professional preparation for each event is required. And Black House MMA has everything you might need to be completely prepared for any mixed martial arts event. 

With locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Rio De Janeiro, their program helps fighters around the world get in the best possible shape for their next fight. You can be trained by experts in BJJ, boxing, Savate, American wrestling, and Muay Thai. Ever since 2006, Black House MMA has been extremely popular among professional athletes and fighters like Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo.

Kings MMA

Focusing on BJJ, Muay Thai, and kickboxing, Kings MMA has become one of the best locations for your professional MMA training on the West Coast. Another favourite location of Anderson Silva but also Mark Munoz offers a unique program that can turn anyone into a professional MMA fighter. 

To Sum Up

If you have decided to pursue the career of an MMA fighter, you must have a plan. Starting from zero can be tough, especially when it comes to mixed martial arts. 

It goes without saying that MMA takes a lot of discipline, hard work, and dedication. And only the most resilient and committed fighters can do it, with the help of professional trainers of course. 

There are several fantastic locations all around the world that can help you achieve the goal of becoming a pro-MMA fighter. All you need to do is be willing enough to go down this road, and pick one that works the best for you.