Top 11 Worst MMA Injuries Ever


charles oliveira neck injury ufc

11. Charles Oliveira tears his Esophagus 

It was not a good night for Brazilian UFC featherweight Charles Oliveira, as he suffered an unfortunate fate in his headlining battle with Max Holloway at UFC Saskatoon.

After an early takedown from ‘Do Bronx’ appeared to show an awkward landing, Oliveira was unable to get back to his feet. The fight was stopped and Oliveira was carted out on a stretcher to the nearest hospital for treatment.

It was in fact a torn Esophagus that caused the unexpected stoppage to Oliveira’s night.

For those of you not too accustomed with medical terms, the Esophagus is the part of the alimentary canal which connects the throat to the stomach. In humans and other vertebrates it is a muscular tube lined with mucous membrane, in other words it’s the food pipe between the mouth and the gut.

An esophageal rupture is a tear in the esophagus, the passageway from the throat to the stomach. It is a medical emergency, requiring prompt diagnosis and treatment. The esophagus may be ruptured by forceful vomiting, chemical injury, trauma or other disorders of the esophagus, such as esophageal cancer.

Perhaps not the most gruesome injury, but certainly bad enough to ruin the entire main event, and bring an anti-climactic ending to a pretty decent card to that point.

The video is below, and check out the next arm-snapping injury right after….