Top 11 Worst MMA Injuries Ever


The world of MMA (mixed martial arts) is no stranger to nasty injuries. Out of competition setbacks are massively disappointing, such as the recent news about Jose Aldo’s broken rib, but there’s another kind of ugly injury in combat sports. Yes, we’re here to talk about the most gruesome injuries that happen on fight night, for the world to see, and it’s never pretty. Whether it’s a cut that Joe Rogan likens to a ‘goat’s vagina’, or legs being twisted at horrific angles, the world of combat  has seen some of the most brutal, eye-popping war wounds of all mainstream sports.

That doesn’t stop us from tuning in though. Things can get pretty nasty when the cage door closes and it’s just two warriors driven by emotion, money and sometimes hatred. When fate intervenes though, we end up looking at a train wreck of a different sort.

Without further ado, the Top 11 Most Worst MMA Injuries Ever!