Top 10 UFC & MMA Fails

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tito ortiz commentating fails

5. Tito Ortiz commentary fails

Titor Ortiz makes an entry on the list with his set of failed experiments in the world of MMA commentary. At Affliction: Day Of Reckoning, the former UFC light-heavyweight champion decided he would try his hand on the mic, and provided some seriously botched and side-splitting commentary and post-fight interviews in the ring.

Here are some of the best quotes, and check out the videos of Ortiz’s funnies straight after:


“Well, here we go, we, here we go we got Josh Barnett, with a dominating fashion.”

“Well, alright, we’re gonna go ahead show some some action from around one right here. I want you to walk me through and how do you feel as you went through this stuff? Keep it up, let’s see the winner tonight, you’ll be next in line.”

“Well, you showed what type of champion you really are. Everybody lets give a hand to Josh Barnett, the baby-faced assassin, continuing his win career.”


“Matt the Lindland Law…The Law Lindland.”

“Well, Belfort, we saw you with an astonishing left hand, that’s the left hand that I used to see you knock people out time and time again, we’re gonna go ahead and go over it. Walk me through it, show me exactly what you seen with this.”

“Well, like I said, you show your hand-speed time and time again Vitor, 185 pounds, lady and gentlemen, let’s give Vitor Belfort a round of applause, an awesome 105 pounder, you just beat the number two guy in the world, buddy, you’re on top of the world tonight!”

“Wow! That’s all I got to say. Vitor at 185 pounds. I don’t know. I see him beating the, uh, what was it, Anderson Silva. I see him picking him apart because you have two great boxers, and, man, that was amazing. That was the old Vitor Belfort that we all want to see. Him at 131 years old. He’s back for vengeance.”


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