Top 10 UFC & MMA Fails

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heath herring kiss fail8. No kissing before fighting

There was a time in MMA history that Waco, Texas-born Heath Herring was a legitimate heavyweight force. ‘The Texas Crazy Horse’ competed for a large chunk of his career under the Pride FC banner in the heavyweight division, and had reached the heights of competing for the heavyweight title against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

Victories over Igor Vovchanchyn and Mark Kerr made Herring a huge favorite going in to his K-1 Premium 2005 bout against Yoshihiro Nakao, but what happened on fight night was far from what anyone had expected. As the two convened in the centre of the ring for the traditional pre-fight staredown, the unbeaten (4-0-1 NC) Nakao got a little too close for comfort. For some unknown reason, perhaps it was just the heat of the moment, Nakao dropped a little kiss on Herring’s lips.

Weird turned to violent when a shocked ‘Texas Crazy Horse’ reacted with a huge right hook that put his opponent out for the count. All this led to a bizarre end to the fight before it had even started, and it was later ruled a no-contest.

The video became a re-circulated viral video for years, and can be viewed in all it’s fail-filled glory below:

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