Top 10 UFC & MMA Fails

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wanderlei silva mma fail

10. Wanderlei Silva wants to f*ck Chuck?

Although the modern day Wanderlei Siva is more of a youtube sensation and polarizing figure than an active fighter, there was a time that he was hot property in the UFC. Coming in as the ex-Pride champion, and a very dominant one at that, ‘The Axe Murderer’ had the world at his feet in the new number one fight organization.

Entering the octagon on the night of Chuck Liddell’s UFC 66 TKO win over Tito Ortiz, Silva hit a language barrier in his calling out of ‘The Iceman’. Rather ironic that the now staunch opposer of the UFC continues to use words Dana White doesn’t want to hear, but none are anywhere near as hilarious as that night in December 2006.

Enjoy Wanderlei Silva’s cringe-worthy entry on the top 10 fails list below:

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